Sunday, September 10, 2006

brown or grey/white hamster?

New blog header, courtesy of Lovely set of fonts created by Len Peralta of JawBone Radio. Related to the other Peralta? Not sure. But go visit their awesome site and join in the Zombie Army effort!
Bet you guys liked the new lay-out for the adidas Y-3 line i posted up yesterday. "Whut-up" to the folks at Freshness.
I guess it must be the couture bond, cos Gucci's F/W line is in similar vein, and i might add, even cooler!
Peep the multitude of runway and catalog shots, easily assesible ultra user-friendly, with the article number for EVERY single item. Just so you can call up the nice folks at your local boutique to reserve, of course

have fun
non-smorkin' Labbits!!!
The original Labbits are uber cool, not they've gotten healthy! Or cuter, if you will. Hahaha...really cute stuff from pop icon extraordinaire Frank Kozik.

You can catch these Labbits at quality vinyl stores everywhere, but drop by Kidrobot for the online goodies.
can you spot it?

Banksy x Disney (that you didn't know about)
Trust Banksy to turn up with the goods on eve of 9/11.
link via Wooster

This must be the stuff of every boy's dreams. I love clothes + I love shopping + I love p0rn = Shai's SexPacking. Content definitely NSFW, but i bet it'll have many clicks =)

Glad to end this post on a happy note, laters

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