Saturday, September 16, 2006

So i've decided to chill and have a break from work early today...definitely a breath of fresh air that's much needed.

Popped by the Marc Jacobs launch for Vans at Vault.

Nice little shindig as usual by the guys, exclusive vip peeps and reservations. Really found it hard to resist the temptation at times. Those funny little skull-heads look too cute to resist! I call them skull-lites, haha

The multi-colore skull-lites extend to the Vans shoebox. I'm really lovin' the sk8 hi's: good fabric feel.

It extends to the plaid slip-ons and chukka's! Check out the suede/felt combo and inner lining that reveals itself under the flash! good stuff for sure. If you're able to put your name down for these, do it, as the price is too good to pass up.
Had to do an in-&-out pop by to the local pubs for a get-together with some of my buds afterwards. The mind really relaxes after knocking back a few good pints.

Laters y'all, lovely dreams and dreamy loves tonite

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azim said...

those sk8 hi's are looking mighty tempting, might have to break the bank for these. great scoop sir