Sunday, September 17, 2006

I spent the better part of yesterday (prolly 12 waking hours) in front of my pc and telly, switching between surfin', pounding the xbox, catching up on mtv, and oh yeah, cramming in some project runway, nip/tuck season3 and HK drama serials along the way. I think i also had some interlude, like lunch or dinner, i can't remember.
it was a good day

Before you go ahead with the "he ain't got a life" yada-yada, let me tell ya, i heard it all before, thank you. To me, its relaxation (but prob more commonly medically-known-as "chronic-web-surfin'-for-info-porn") and way of life as i likes it.

I live vacariously through the eyes and minds of others and in a certain inexplicable way, get through mine. I'm thankful for these fellow junkies for making my life that much more meaningful. From looking thru Pootsville's fotologs of her rumble through London's shopping streets ("that Topshop dress seriously looks inspired by Insa") to Tommy's frustrations of her still-quarantined-MacBookPro at the GeniusBar ("them Genius' seem all nice and knowledgeable, but i guess they aren't the biz decision makers to understand the impact of their hardware faults"), i wonder, will these 2 fascinating ladies ever meet (maybe at Hideout or some fashionable/hip locale in LDN?)

I salivate at the pics Logan Hicks put up from the VIP privvy to the Banksy exhibit. Ditto for Supertouch with peeps at the Shepard Fairey show as well. Check out the LA battle:

my gawd

Freshness hints at something brewing in Aoyama, beside/below the Marc Jacobs flagship store. A nice side-shot of the window-display of the S3 vans as well (spotted that for ya, Azim). Also great to see Deez blogging again. I wouldn't have known had he not posted comments (hit me up more often dude!), but its a nice thing he and his buds have done with the monopolist collective, waiting to see more.

Supreme Harajuku opened an hour apart from the Reed Space couple days ago. Hip crowd in full force. Nice to see the ramp designed from the LA store translated to Japan...but damn, sure makes the store looks cramped doesn't it?
An array of snakeskin applique box tees to keep the otaku's happy, something to match those Blazers eh? Word is invitees each got an opening tee. yum

Speaking of 'Preme, i'm all in favor of these Ari Marcopolous items. 2-thumbs-up

L.A.M.B launch at NYC fashion week
Gwen Stefanie's new season LAMB launched in NYC with some nice (if slightly edgy/kooky) looks. pics via style-dot-com (as if i needed to tell you). Featuring platinum blonde look ala Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface:

Rasta x Kill Bill??

I dunno, i think i quite like these

Close up of the gaiter'd-heels...weren't they introduced quite sometime back? But its a nice retro if so, 'specially for A/W
HP+ Commander knits
Head Porter plus does a 'taps rendition and i'm lovin' it

Awesome detailing, don't you think? Price aside, a commander knit has always been on my wish-list, but i've always put it off due to the swarmy weather here. boo
how much?!?!

Yea, its: nice, awesome, retro, bring-back-memories, god-i-want-it...
but how much?!?! sheesh
Developed by world renowned DJ's A-Trak, Kid Millionaire and T.Raumschmiere, this exclusively made and distributed DJ travelling equipment has FFF - form fit function.

Peep the bags and shoes from UrbanIndustry
I love the banter between these ads, what's better than some friendly competition after all?

But the WRX gets the last laugh:

pics via fredericksamuel
A shout-out to Juse and his new exhibit at Hamburg. Read his blog-project for a chance at a rare development Hummel sample, courtesy Richard of Pullover.

Pulled these pic of Juse's side-project of LVR tees for Spring '06 from Rich's blog

Lookin' good

Have a nice Sunday, laters

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