Saturday, July 01, 2006


More arrivals in the post, this time from the good folks at arkitip. Issue 34 starts with the lovely snaps of Peter Sutherland and ends with a special collab jersey by the colors of Germany of course!

I'm not really a die-hard supporter of the German soccer team, but they do impress me with their work-rate and surprising attacking flair (very un-German). Kudos to them for overcoming Argentina (whom i was backing real hard)...though i would rather think it was because the Argentine coach dd not play Saviola and Messi that won them the match.

You might have noticed why i have put "eng-a-land" as a header when i shot off Germany. Well, thing is, England plays Portugal tonight and there is a link between the Germans to the "home of football". In the history of the country, the Angles named her, in true German style, "Englaland" (Land of Angles) in Old English, since shortened to "England".
The true pronunciation of the country is "Eng-a-Land", recalled most accurately in the national football chant. Now, how many would've known that?

So tonight as you cheer on Stevie G and gang, think of the German connection, have faith and believe in destiny of the final.
Me? i'll be rooting for Brazil in the other match against France. Something tells me Brazil will win. Ah Pui (Ronaldo) tells me Samba will win, Ah San (Ronaldinho) tells me Joga Bonito will win and Ah Huat tells me to trust him and back Brazil.
Ah Huat is my bookie =)
Lovely set of prints to remind us...we haven't actually invented much over the centuries
via coloribus
i have pop
The geniuses at i have pop have collaborated with solebox to bring us this work of art:

A range of popular sneaks, with an out-of-the-box feel! i absolutely love the NB 576!
Roen 2-gun Mickey

Brought to you by the same wacky guys who did the "London Calling - Clash" Mickey. Damn, i really miss 2-D black & white cartoons. They just don;t make them like they used to.
Stussy World Tour ver. next?

Possible leaked pic of Stussy x aNYthing world tour tee? looks cute either way.
Stussy x Honda zoomer

Check out this sweet write-up on the Stussy UK zoomer bike from Being Hunted. The Japs have a craze lately for the pedi-bike/mod culture of Brits, and now they have brought their Zoomer to U to pay homage! Ben Wilson is a genius
And for the dudes who aren't really in synch with the footie-craze, you are missing out lots!


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