Monday, July 24, 2006

to a T
It's been a while since i've talked about 1 of my loves...tees!
Couple of interesting ones turned up recently..

Slick has been churning out fine stuff over time, all characteristically tongue-firmly-in-cheek. Love the mash-up of Einstein ala Albert Kiss! haha D=IS2; and the "ape shall not diss ape" take on the love-hate relationship with our favorite street culture primate

Reminds me of this tee by some witty folks in UK:
Captures the essence perfectly

Yet another primate specimen, but this time, one of age. Yeah, XLARGE turns 15 this year. Gosh, as one of the grand-daddy's of street culture, it only seems yesterday that it was the rage of hype-world. It still rules this day, for staying true to its skating/music roots and not giving a damn about hype. To me, this ape is king!

Peep the "brotherhood of XL" and the "relax" prints...there'll be more to come, with collabs by various labels paying their respects for sure.

And it all comes down to stussy, but this is a wierd one...

Called a "Chen Pocket tee".. i wonder if it's named after a person Chen? or does it refer to the "chia-pet" like fabric? wierdness-du-jour and certainly not what i'd expect from unusualy turn definitely, you can be sure not many will have the same pocket tee as you =)

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