Monday, July 10, 2006

Seriously, who would've known TWO MONTHS ago that Italy would triumph??? Belief, my friends, all down to belief...and of course, tentalising odds, heh heh. Its a small bet i admit, but at least its a smart bet, eh? =) thousand percent returns!

And looks who's smiling now?
Probably not the most awesome of finals (Germany v Italy takes the cake for me), but the hearts of a champion does it for me.

Couple of notable entries to my wardrobe: yet another box tee and a quaint little fcrb Bristol tee. I can't get enough of the soccer craze!

I bet this must be stale news to the whole wide world, but i never bought/tried those battery packs from IKEA till a couple months ago. This stuff rocks! Way cheaper, and long lasting compared to those bootleg batts and expired stuff you use to feed your wireless mouse and keyboards! (what, you didn't buy bootleg batts to sustain your wired lifestyle? getouttatown!) So if you didn't know it like me, go run out to your friendly Scandanavian store and grab them and some balls, meatballs! and if you knew all along...well, now you know of another person just like you. blah

yeah yeah, added yet another ka-ching to Nigo's tills. But i can't help it, i like his "Ape sounds" album and what i wouldn't give to have these Futura-font-ed Jap-hop classics. Comes in a nifty little (ok, somewhat gimmicky) box-set. If anyone has some of these promo posters as well, pls send me!
Streetwear Today drops issue #17 and this one's a biggie, featuring Van Doren aka Vans!!!
I know ya gonna get yours from the site, so here's some preview lookie:

Franklin Marshall interview; store visits at Slam Jam and our very own Asylum; IMHO 1 of 2 greatest vinyl gods in the world: Eric So; Jeremy Fish!!! of the silly pink bunnies fame!!

Feature on Pedal, a photography and documentary on NYC's finest by Peter Sutherland; Mixwell and scratch hard. Seeing DJ Qbert in the ad makes me wanna go out and get some!

You know that ain't all there is to the mag. STW2D is at the forefront and tapping the pulse of today's youth. Big ups and respect, boys!
You've seen Hiroshi Fujiwara do it, loads of bloggers do watch the masters work it:

"101 2-liter bottles of Diet Coke, 543 Mentos" - a work of art

And if you liked the vid (i'm still humming the jingle), check out this gorgeous Coke ad that shows what goes on in a vending machine

Availabot - so simple so cute

Still in prototype stage but i bet you tons of people will be lining to snap this up! By schulze and webb, genius buggers i say!

That's all for now..laters, folks

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