Sunday, July 23, 2006

veg aka net-nerd
I trawl the forums and various design blogs like every other nerd and i sometimes get bored with the repetitive info. I mean, i'm sure you guys read up ALL the hype sites, and you'd come away with the feeling "so what else is new?"'s all the same dude.

I tend to pay a little more attention to details...
Most of you "street culture" vets should know this pic. It's the all-familiar shop front in Aoyama Japan. Yep, stacked ceiling-high with piles and piles of clothes. What might those be? Well, my young padawan, those be the almost entire catalog of ze masterJun Takahashi's works...mmm, yess...
Probably one of the simplest and dramatic wallpaper to dream up. The singular pic that spawned thread upon fourm thread discussing just how much value it's worth (street-worth ala drug-money kids, haha) and "wouldn't the fabric fade from the direct sunlight day-in day-out?"

Well, couple days back, JT (yeah, i'd wish we were tight like that) showed his new collection "But Beautiful V: guruguru" and a revamped storefront via his honeyee blog:

All awash with vintage Star Wars figures (no doubt from the Sillything reference of their Star Wars pictorial tome). Check out some of the rare and even (gasp) custom figurines (!)

So where did all those clothes go?

Probably to the new UC display at DSM-UK. Could anyone scope it out and let me know?

yeah yeah, you know about the DSM opening in Tokyo

But did you know about the Uniqlo flagship store opening in New York? peep the teaser site. amazing web skillz i might add.

heh heh...cute tee from Oddica. link via

MAD toys drops this "back-in-day" vinyl of the etch-a-sketch. Sure brings back memories.

Let's not forget the genius of a certain George Vlosich III and his masterpieces

0-60mph in 1.67s aka WTF

Yep, the Barabus TKR should be named the WTF. 1.67sec is not even the time i took to type 1.67sec, it's that ridiculous. Check more info here... 1005bhp what?!?

Absolutely love these cartoons... cute gone bad! hahaha
Go clickity here for more, by Megan Murphy.
more updates laters...
The things i do when i'm not out and about... sheesh, i'm such a net nerd.

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