Saturday, July 15, 2006

Have been pretty bored at mind keeps wandering. Perhaps it is time to move on to something more challenge?

I've been buying lots of cola from the 7-11 thats near my workplace after lunch everyday. Them beer-bottle lookalikes nearly caused a stir from my managers.. heh heh, who must have thought i was drinking on the job.

yes, that post-it-ridden screen on a messy table would be my work station. organized chaos, ya dig?

Popped over to my aunt's place for a house-warming session. Lots of yummy food for sure, but i love her dog! He is so huge for a 1-half yr old(!), looks just like a teddy bear! LOL

Blimey...Armani x Mizuno???

Interesting to say the least, but i don't think these will light up the hype world as much as the Stella x adidas or even Kim Jones x Umbro joints.
pics via Freshness
Stussy x Studio Voice!!!
nice photo-pic detailing (you just know how much i love them). Especially the retro-stylin' back print! Lots of Stussy drops lately, this here is one of the better ones
Just another rich kid

White-hot summer sale from the glam-rock meisters! Love the winged skulls
Winged shaped pavillions

Who would've thunk?? Bolt of inspiration and sheer genius from Michael Jantzen
Ever wondered if the never never land album art was simply computer-generated? (which, doubting the great Fu-master is blasphemous by the way). In any case, be in awe and kow-tow to Sir Lenny's handi-craft in this you-tube video

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