Sunday, June 19, 2005


You know how, once in a long time, you come across people who have the same direction of thought...and you begin to realise, somehow, you might not be that alone

Steven of STREETWEAR TODAY shares with us his thoughts on the current globalisation fever that has everyone caught with a hype-like grip:

"Globalization is a topic hot on everyone’s lips and minds, not a day goes by in which you aren’t bombarded by the sensationalist media about the negative effects globalization is having your life, your job and your country. Well, let’s turn it around them, start thinking globally and act locally. Like with everything else in life, every negative has a positive, thus, surely, Globalization has some positive aspect which you can use for yourself. Let’s take the ability to have instant access to global information example, you are no longer dependent on the knowledge with which you were infused with in your local settings, be it by your parents, social surroundings or teachers. You can, today, gather information about every subject from anywhere in the world an instant and thus find solutions to problems from outside your traditional think box. "

StreetwearToday is due in less than 12 days, and features Gimme5 head honcho Michael Kopelman...the dude has been-there, done-that and is still on top of the game. Read about how Michael and others around the world (featuring Surrender of Singapore, Stereo Skateboarding of SF, Franklin & Marshall of Verona) took their globe-trotting knowledge and making an impact from their local setting. The revamped mag and site are now bilingual! (i can officially say i can read a German mag)

Also features write-ups of HVW8 Production House

and Mr-"i-hate-interviews"-aka-"Mr Pants"-aka-"Invisible:Man" himself, Andrew

who surprisingly gives one of the better interviews of late, dropping info on the new es footwear collab and something about Bastard Squad and (gasp) a 24inch BMX with Shadow Conspiracy. "Wha-, who?" i hear you say? Well, guess you gotta buy the mag to get the juice.

Go check out Streetwear Today, click on the English version(newly added!) and get a subscription today...if you need more info, email them!

Oh, just because i mentioned Surrender above, the mag will show off a 2-page artwork by Surrender's creative art director Andy, a tribute to the late John Willie(1902-1962), fetish photographer and bondage artist who was born in Singapore and grew up in England.

You know i can't stop at just saying Surrender without giving a shout-out to SBTG. You would've seen both SBTG and Meth's latest custom works on NT

Both denim-demons done using Surrender denim, with Meth putting a selvedge denim touch on the toe-box and SBTG showing off his print work on a vintage-wash.
Both are due to show off even hotter stuff, their "East-meets-West" customs will be mindblowing...wait for their exclusive online offerings soon.

YEs, its pre-meditated, pre-conceived, whatever...check out Beinghunted's presentation of SURRENDERin time for the Summer drop...exclusive pics, info(yep, the new line of tees will be smashing)...and u get a detailed look at the Surrender footwear, embossed blazer-style, very Def.

You know, I get mails everyday regarding from my pages on determining fakes to info on streetwear etc, most of the time asking "where to buy this", "how to get that", "can i get a hook-up". I'd love to just simply dig up my bunch of online bookmarks, list of contacts and what-nots and blah them out on the webpage, but thats not what its all about. People ask me how i get my info, if i have "connects" with the right people...Answer is "No, i don't", though i'm fortunate enough to have made good friends with fellow info-trawlers. I trawl the vast space of the net, forums, sites, stores, most times dropping an inquiring mail or 2, other times sifting through thousand of searches (ask anyone that knows how i google or ebay) to come up with little bytes of so-called info. Its pretty easy to get i said before, theres tons of info-sites, style blogs out there. I visit everyone of them too, and then more. That was why i wanted this blog done my way...cos to be spoon-fed is to misunderstand the "game". I prefer dropping links and pics of upcoming labels on and off, just to pique your interest. And if you feel the urge to ask, do so...
I do have a dilemma these days though...i get mails from strangers asking if i can hook them up. I used to do it in a heartbeat, thats what being someone who remembers what it was like hooking up, "back in the days" of good ol' Niketalk (circa pre-SB). But i've been left with bad taste in mouth lately...probably cos i'm being too nice in the new world of selfish hype. Oh well, guess its what is termed a painful lesson. Feel free to have pity on me

Back to the links...
Ever wanted a "true-to-life" Foosball table? Now you can...for $73,000

Featuring patent pending technology to microcast 3D molds from photographs, now u can truly pit Ronaldinho against Maradona, Steven Gerard versus Pele...via elevenforty

I'm feeling the new Amadana earpiece though...

upscale and posh like the Beo earpiece:

its a perfect match for the Gucci bamboo:

"Gotta get me one of those"

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