Sunday, June 12, 2005

"theres no other place i'd rather be, than be here with you..."

Pop quiz: Guess what movie i caught today?

Had to break out the goodies today, just had to...

Nexus7 "beauty rulez" tee...featuring Angie's lovely eyes

Its Angie, and Brad, in one movie...the bad boy, with the bad Brad girl. F the critics, go catch Mr & Mrs Smith, its guaranteed fun.

Me? i just had fun ogling Angelina Jolie
She reminds me of a confident, strong, independant, and damn as hell sexy girl that i have a crush on...and if she utters the same words Jane Smith (Jolie) tells John (Brad)near the end of the movie, i'll definitely be over the moon... heck that ain't enough, in fact, i'll probably die a happy man this instant...

Was having a short email chat with my pal Tom and he reminded me of my tee collection...yes, i'm slowly bringing them out to wear.
Speaking of Nexus 7 tees, besides the Angie tee above, check out some of Tomohiro Konno's collabs with Stussy

N7 does some of the best babe and skull tees in reflective print,ever, period.
I;m just missing the Japan chapter exclusives, feel free to help me out if u can. (please?)

The return of the Medusa...

Some call it gaudy, some call it OTT, i may have felt the same way at some point of time...but i do find the Medusa head and baroque motif attractive in a "bling bling" way.
Donatella Versace has offered her designs to the MINI Cooper Convertible, to be auctioned off on eBay, with proceeds going to the fight against HIV and AIDS.

More info here...the auction goes "live" on June 21st. If u love the topless Beetle

you should love this one.

The Grand
The Grand online store finally opens...stocks the hot stuff, the good stuff...tap your Euro contacts now

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Ibrahim R. said...

She's every man's dream, isn't she. its 6am and i just arrived home from watching the show. sick tee too ...