Sunday, June 19, 2005

T'was a dark and stormy night

Well, not was frickin' hot in fact, when i caught Batman Begins on a Saturday matinee(when was the last time anyone used the word, outside of opera or plays?)

I felt it was an excellent movie, finally one that does justice to the Dark Knight that i love in the graphic novel "Dark Knight Returns" by Frank Miller. The fact that Christian Bale has a copy of Batman: Year One that he refers to on-set probably contributed to the true-to-original and my enjoyment of the movie. I'd say as far as comic adaptations go, it has the story of X-men2, the down to earth feel of Christopher Reeve-era-Superman and possibly the truthfulness to originals of Sin City. Sin City hasn't opened yet in my part of the world, but my gut tells me i'm right...after all, Frank Miller is co-directed it with Robert Rodriguez.
"Begins" has a host of stars like Gary Oldman (very under-rated role as the future Commisioner Gordon) Michael Caine(can anyone think of a better Alfred the Butler??) Liam Neeson (the mentor-mentee fight scene was very SW:Episode1) Morgan Freeman(loved his gravelly wisdom and wit ala Se7en) and Cillian Murphy(very credible take as scarecrow).
Batman Begins also stars current tabloid dynamo and owner of some huge bling Katie Holmes

a pic of her wearing it..and then some:

But i guess most males, paparazzi will remember her take in the movie for scenes of pokies like this:

Gotham must be cold

Though i guess she's either "cold" or "excited" most of the time outside the celluloid

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