Sunday, June 12, 2005

Wisdom 101: Psychic empathy the recognition and understanding of the state of mind, beliefs, desires and emotions of others...

Having survived a weekend out around town, i now know the feeling of fishes swimming in schools and more importantly, sardines in a can. I enjoy being out among the crowd, you get a feel of the ground better that the fellow next to you might be feeling, what others are looking at, looking for etc. But somehow, a sale destroys all that. All of a sudden, kids of all shapes and form, including age, come creeping through the cracks in the walls and sidewalks and flood every square inch of shopping space. And if the shopping space is filled up, no matter, a coffee corner, a shady ledge facing some window displays...anything to lean lazy teenage bums and bones against.
And as you flock through the shopping malls one after another, and don't worry, you will...theres no other choice, the throng of shoppers flowing alongside will not allow you to change course, lest you dare to incite the ire of interfering with their shopping itinary and the charge for the cheapest deals out there. Once in a while, you get stuck in human traffic, especially when you near popular shops or hangouts...thats when it hits you how frighteningly pathetic the sardines must feel...

Sighs...thus after the tired limbs, distraught minds and empty wallets, you swear to yourself, "never again"....

Until the next weekend and sale, that is... =) hey, theres no way i'm gonna be left out when theres a sale goin' on!

Rather Not Say
UK online clothiers Drooghi has stock of Rather Not Say in! Definitely worth a look...and with tongue firmly in cheek, i'd rather not say more about it, just pics:

I'm feeling the use of pink and the college inspired look...definitely hot summer looks!

And whats better than cool clothes? Free ones of course!
Head to, stretch your design braincells and win a polo and windbreaker. You're worth it

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