Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Still a little pissed and angry, but its just the leftover teenage angst in me (yeah right, like years overdue)

Anywho, back to a couple of info bits...

ESPN "Its the Shoes"
Hosted by Bobbito Garcia, the don of sneaker-dom and guru of all shoe-headz, the weekly show aims to capture every angle of the sneaker game... So if you have a cam handy and most importantly, you actually have heat that is worth showing off, film a portfolio/self interview of your kicks and yourself and send it in.
Did i mention not to send in the "unworthy" shoes? nah, i'm just kidding, i ain't judging, so just send whatever you deem important y'all...whats the worst that could happen? at most, Mr Garcia has a belly-ache of a laugh at your kicks, that is all (heh heh)
Click here for more info via NT

I'd suggest using this as an opportunity for city gatherings like the good ol' days of NT Summits. Film the kicks and collectors at one go and just have a blast. Anyone would like to start the ball rolling?

Mongolian BBQ
Simply tasty...a little oily on the side, but yummy.

In regards to shoes though, i'd say Puma is doing a good job on them, a slightly more "fun" take on the NikeID (too business-like, until they hit on the Times Square moblog IDea). Puma just needs a more focused and intensive marketing slant...hope they get it right this time.
Catch the Puma Mongolian BBQ Tour through Stateside from June till December
Link via Fixins.com...funny how i'm still linking them, them dudes still owe me some moolah...but hey, i'm a nice guy, and nice guys finish last and get bullied all the time.

Reebok/Finishline Custom Kicks
Live in the States?
Can paint to save your life?
Care to have a Reebok in your design?
Well, get cracking
Guess it sure beats the mini Reebok competition i got 2nd place for, haa

Nokia shows off like a hundred models of phones to be released this year...no, i'm kidding, not a hundred, but its many, satisfied?
This one stopped me in my tracks when i saw it last weekend, mirror finish stainless steel casing, scratch resistent screen, unique glide to reveal camera (the LCD portion moves up, instead of the mouthpiece half), new software to use digital pens to write messages...has your jaw dropped yet? no, then check the pic

and website for more info

Nokia held a launch party of sorts a couple of days ago in HongKong...the usual celebs appeared, but she caught my eye... no idea of her name or details...just that she's definitely a perfect match for the 8800

I can finally sleep well tonite...


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