Sunday, March 20, 2005

u talkin' to me?

Had a pretty relaxed weekend for a long while...just rest and more rest, which is fine by me :)
Last friday was the Massacre party, for 50Cent's album was also a sneaker event for LimitedEdition. Props to the crew for the arrangements, had a nice time(especially the free vodka's, lol) I promised pics of my customs, so here they are:
name: Massacre/Redemption
original shoe: New Balance BB585 sample(soon to be released in April)
Massacre (Left shoe)

Redemption (Right shoe)

In case you are wondering, the front toe box and heel cap are "glow-in-dark"...yes they do work, just that i have not figured out any way to take pics of them(grr). Anyways, even though they did not win the top prize (not likely, since i'm using a NB shoe for a Reebok-sponsored event hehe), i'm very pleased with 2nd place. Here are the rest of the shortlisted participants

Props to LE crew for the support of the local sneaker scene!


Anonymous said...

Hey congrats! Its a very nice pair n ur efforts have been paid off.. Good work!=)

Darren said...

2nd prize ain't too bad at all!
Now u've got a voucher to buy more shoes..

xymon said...

thanks for the kind words rainbow n laozi!