Friday, March 11, 2005

awesome: Greenday awakens boy from fave greenday album is Dookie, maybe that did the trick

common sense: Censors allow explicit sex film to be shown in entirety

great news, yours truly will most likely be on planet earth for a l-o-o-n-g time: scientists discover how to live longer

next game to get: Lego! Star Wars! Video Game!

just came back from the IT show...damn i really gotta get me some ca$h for the 20inch iMac i'm still open for offers to give me iPod shuffles...your kindness will go a long way: i might even give u a hug in return(!) lol

i really like the shuffle (yeah, like you didn't know already)...but this takes the cake:

swarovski madness! its definitely over the top and crazy, downright silly...but a small part of me still pretty much dig it, haha
check them out here crystal shuffle

new balance X stussy X masterpiece info
showed you the purple madness the previous time(1st on the net with the news i might add) heres the full skinny on them: theres 2 colorways! and its ok if you don't understand Chinese, it hasn't released yet, and there are no info on the dates....but, i'm betting on a July drop. Enjoy:

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