Thursday, March 17, 2005

time flies
Seriously, i can't believe its yet another week. But then again, time is always passing us by whenever we need them. I can remember the panic and subsequent lack of sleep last weekend as i stayed up throughout sunday nite to finish up my customs in time. In case you are reading this in time, head on down to club Rouge today (18th March) at around 8pm for the Massacre party to catch a glimpse of some of the best kicks collection, customs as well as exclusive stuff from the 50Cent album launch. Of course, a pair of customs from yours truly will be on display as well.

I'll put up pics from the post party...i'm just too lazy to do it rite now...LOL

Interesting stuff:
ever wondered why Apple makes those single-button mouse?
well, now u know....and it just ups the cool-factor yet another notch

I'm a big fan of Jackson Pollock, so picture my happy-puppy look when i saw this site, totally awesome stuff for pollock wannabes!

My fave comic and comic book creator will be unleashed soon on the big screen...make sure you never ever miss this....definitely my movie event of the year....damn, i really gotta snap all those posters up! (anyone willing to steal them from the cinemas will have all shipping fees paid for!)
What i'm talking about: Sin City

I totally forgot to post this a long while back... but u guys gotta see this to be blown away...seriously genius stuff
Wooden mirror
C'mon, a link with a title like that has gotta make u click eh?

ok now...really tired now...gotta recharge, seeya in a bit


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