Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sweet sweet pain (aka stupider & stupider)
I finally got off my butt to do some physical training (background: yay)...Its been ages since i had that much sweat pouring outta my pores, i was literally bathing in sweat and grime...which is bad in a good way...watever, y'know what i mean.
So there i was getting all physical and having thoughts about what a spring chicken i am, doing exercises and contortions that was a piece of cake 4 years ago that i forgot about my bad ankle. Lo and behold, its the The Return of The ankle simply gave way. But its ok, nothing i haven't experienced before..."nah, i can handle it, i have these kind of stuff like its was in fashion"; "pain is just a reminder you're alive"; "no pain no gain"... yeah right...words were never more than mere what then did Mr Alpha-Male go and do? complete a 6-lap 2.4km run on a bum ankle of course, and in regulation timing mind you.
And nope, there wasn't any medal, adulation or congratulation... just me, now in a chair, typing along cos i have nowhere else to go...correction: i have nowhere else i can go.
Oh heck, anyways, please kindly give way to the dude who thinks he's some young punk on the block when you see him on the train... mucho gracias

ok fine, i'm an idiot

Relax, i still got a couple of links for ya, i'll never forget those who visit my blog everyday

Yahoo is 10 years old! Woohoo!...they've come a long way, props for the great work and innovation! go check it out here
The sad thing is...i remember when it first started! damn, really makes me feel old now...seriously, the first thing i tried registering was the email for ""...obviously, its was taken/not allowed/only reserved for the big bosses at yahoo.

Sportswear companies are suddenly coming to the key words for 2005's new marketing niche:Yoga, Dance & Women
nike women has the new "5-6-7-8" campaign...pretty catchy, its the phrase you're most likely to hear the instructors say at the beginning of the moves:"and a 5-6-7-8"
now adidas women has stepped up to the batting plate with their new lineroom for doubt they will attract the ladies, stella McCartney's collections are excellent!

Not sure if this will offend the ladies out there, its on sexual just click only if you're not easily offended. fellatio advice for gals

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