Saturday, March 05, 2005

Purple Red

From the looks of the chart above and my ankle, i'm a long way from healing, i am still a very healthy purple...much as i love the color. (info from DrBunn)
you know you are sitting at home and VERY bored when you actually search for info on bruises

Oh well, at least it gives me time to laugh at funny animations
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everyone's had more sex than me
Its safe for work, bunny is cute as hell, and of cos the song is contagious
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Speaking of animations, get over to AIST of Japan and be blown away by their dinobots. Turn up your speakers when they roar!

High fashion streetwear fushionist and camo meisters Maharishi and audio speaker kingpins B&W collaborate. You just know it will be awesome and BAAAD. Its never too early for a Christmas wish... i recommend saving now, i can wait =)
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Ever feel that you need to get organized? Here are some tips i found on the net

Use W-A-S-T-E to decide whether something's worth keeping:

W -- Worthwhile. If the item isn't worth saving, toss it. If it is, move on to the next four questions.
A -- Again. Will you use this item more than once?
S -- Somewhere else. Can you find it somewhere else or borrow it if you need it?
T -- Toss. Will anything happen if you throw it out? If you need it for tax or legal reasons, for example, keep it.
E -- Entire. Do you need the whole thing, the complete catalog, for example, when you only want to order from one page? If not, keep what you need and toss the rest.

Use R-E-M-O-V-E to clear off your desk:

R -- Reduce all the distractions on your desktop, such as knickknacks or this morning's mail. Put them on top of a file cabinet or bookcase instead.
E -- Everyday use. Only keep things you use often on top of your desk.
M -- Move items to the preferred side, whether you're a "righty" or "lefty." Put the phones, pens, pencils and pads within easy reach. Put the telephone on the opposite side so you can write with your preferred hand.
O -- Organize like items together so you can find them easily.
V -- View your time. Keep an organizer and clock on your desk.
E -- Empty the center. Clear off space in the middle of your desk so you can work on the project at hand.

Use R-A-P-I-D Response to sort mail and create stacks for each category:

R -- Read. Magazines, newsletters, etc.
A -- Attend. Notices and invitations for seminars, workshops, meetings.
P -- Pay. Bills.
I -- Important. All unknown incoming mail that needs sorting.
D -- Dump. Mail you know you won't read or need.

If you read it again, it seems to say "waste, remove rapidly"...ain't it cool? ok, fine i'm a nerd

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