Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ever get frustrated about some things, which certainly almost always perfectly irks you so...(grammer incorrectness alert) and then you get so tired thinking about it, coz you know it isn't gonna help screaming about it...and then it just fades away like darkness before you fall into deep slumber. I guess sleep is always a great solver LOL, if only everything is always so simple, but thats just the way i am...simple simon :)

Its been a long time since i've updated my blog...for sure, i hold up my hand, blame laziness on my part...but first i wanna thank anyone who might be reading this: thank you for visiting my pages everyday; and for 1st timers, check back often..if i haven't updated, use my blog as a link page, go visit the nice links on the right ->

I love coffee, prob coz i've been drinking the thick stuff since young. i love art too, thats why i love this site. (sorry, i know its a lame association...hahaha)
anyhow, go check out this nice fotolog of artistic lattes
they look somewhat like what i had a while back:

I posted about my customs earlier...check out this article on my man Mark aka SBTG:
For Kicks
its NY times my friend, he's def for reals

Check out my good pal Tom's work on the 35th anniversary adidas superstar "adicolors"
Star Wars inspired trooper coolness:




Skinner said...

Bro those were sreenprint on the adicolor or stencil ??
RESPECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tell Tom he is super !!

Slam said...

Those are one of the best customs EVER! Send your boy props!!!

horse clipart said...

I saw some wicked tribal work at http://www.vectorart.info

vector graphic said...

I don't know if imprinters or the like ever blog here but if they do they might be interested in nascar clipart.