Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Halfway thru the week, must learn to chillout and relax...wait, think i've been doing that all this while, lol
Local sneaker boutique LimitedEdition is having their annual sneaker event, this year's theme is "the Massacre", held at Rouge on 18th March. Lined up for the event are Reebok X 50cent customs competition, "best 5 kicks" collection, and nike LeBron contest. Think i'll just join for the fun of it, its something to keep my brain working anyways.
Went to pick up some materials today to prepare for customizing, currently still having no idea on what to paint/etch/write...think i gotta have to come up with something fast if i want to get it done by next week's deadline. What can i say, procastinating is a full time hobby of mine...

Some stuff that might interest you:
I remember watching this Jap tv programme which pits the best of the best in Japan for almost anything(best knitter, best wood craftsman, best knowledge of stationary-i'm serious! etc). The one i saw featured the best shop window display, and i'm always in awe with how innovative they can be. Well, this prob gives u some idea, check out these displays

Invention of the week:
Ear Vacuum cleaner! Woohoo!

Y'know, i'm actually quite put off everytime i go town or hop onto the trains and see hordes of kids wearing the same mysoginistic "streetwear", probably what they gathered to be the "in" thing...von Dutch caps and tees (thats so year 2000), pink anything on guys (yeah, i know designers are still pushing them out for the S/S 2005 season, but these local kids are wearing them like its 2003)... and then completely mismatching them for that certain "skater" or "punk" or "rocker", "slacker"...pfft, i dunno, whatever look they had in mind, or whatever the "77th street" shop puts out for sale. Firstly, they sell fakes, very bad fakes. For the folks in UK, they are something like TKMaxx selling the Supreme and BountyHunter apparel, but they are doing it with vonDutch, bape, whatever they can get their hands on in Thailand or China factories etc (yep, thats how lame it is)
Yeah yeah, i'm rambling and naggy and whining... and i prolly shouldn't even bother blogging about it. But heck, i'll just use it as a filler and a lead on to this page:
how to get the right clothes for the skater look. Kids, it ain't much, but its still better than the combos you are wearing
On the same note, isn't it cool, u can find out "how to" do stuff online? awesome!

Saved the best for last
Check out this superb video "powers of 10"...excellent for physics/science teachers, or just simply general knowledge.


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