Sunday, October 31, 2004

That burning feeling
I sorta forgot the feeling of getting a sunburn...
It must have ages since i last set foot on a beach and am i glad i did yesterday...although i had to pay for it with my skin. Yours truly is now burnt-red on face, forearms and calves...a direct result of being a smart aleck to wear a tee instead of a singlet. In spite of what you must be thinking rite now:"why doesn't that idiot go bare-bodied then?"...the answer is "NO", i would scare too many people away, and spoil their fine day to sun and be merry. Back to the main point, I really love the sun and smell of the sea, and the occasional bared bum/boob or two (if u knew me, u knew that was coming).

Anyway, gotta thank the 2 ladies sun-tanning in their string bikinis and being oblivious to what was happening around them(there was a full triathlon event going on rite where they were) least they provided visual entertainment. Also spotted a tom cruise lookalike from the nike team (sorry gals, no pic, but i'll try to see if there are any of him from the press photogs).

No pics of myself in my tanned glory today, i'd probably scare u away, or make u fall hopelessly in love with my looks (somehow i don't see it happening).

On to the day's links then:

Dude has brilliant idea, invents industry for "pre-need" furniture. Seriously, i can see how this might truly work: buy a full-length teak cupboard, store your wine, books and stereo, then use it as a coffin when u croak!
brilliant i tell u!

Woman shocked to find out she was killed in Iraq from web news
don't believe everything u read...unless i tell u so

In similar news, always double-confirm when u sign on your marriage certificate, or else u might get the wrong twin
unless the other one is hotter

Which brings me to todays related story bonanza
Don't u love Japanese inventions? and manga, anime, high tech gadgets, kawaii chicks, cool clothing, cute chicks (did i mention that already?)...well, i do, for all of them! So i'm wondering who the heck went to inform Vodafone about their voyeur phones!?!
getting more than u bargained for

I mean, phones are such useful devices these days, u have phonebook, organizer, email software, camera, fax s/w, period calendars, horoscope and even mood predictors. So whats the problem with a few "glitches" like free porn?
yet another guy who complains too much

Some people should just ease up and stop being so uptight, calling in the police at every opportunity. Cops have better things to do than ask your horny exhibitionists to stop their public coitus
and i mean it when i say cops don't want them to "stop"...LOL

Ok, thats all for the weekend... have a nice one before monday comes round again.



Aiyoh Simon ah..
Take good care of ur skin! Apply lotsa moisturizer!!

xymon said...

too late, i'm peeling like a snake already, mwahahaha

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