Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Things you shouldn't buy New
as adapted from MSN Money article

BOOKS- Why bother buying them new when books don't often get read more than once (admit it, u have lots of unread books lying around too)... so the next time u want a paperback for the long trips or rides, get it from the library sale
Exception: Reference books, they definitely have resale value, why do u think so many people have unpaid library fines then?

DVD VCD Video - "Troy" was just released a couple of weeks ago...odds are they will be $29.90 at your neighborhood friendly stores in no time. heck, u can get it for far cheaper on auction sites or amazon.com...even for XXX...(no not Vin Diesel, boys n girls ;)
Exception: When u simply have to be the first in your block to blast the movie out loud, or u really need to get that special-edition-karaoke-concert-dvd-with-uncut-behind-the-scenes-footage edition signed by the visiting idol...

CARS- need i say more? one of the most over-valued piece of property in this country, they drop in value as soon as its legally yours....best to get a 2nd hand model, let someone else feel the heartache of losing value.
Exception: u really want that "new car" smell

Sports Equipment- look at the dumb-bells in the corner... u know, beside that "tummy trimmer", yoga mat, "power rider", yonex carbonex 8...need i say more?
Exception: training shoes, soccer balls that may mould to humidity

PCs, software and console games - seriously, u still BUY them off game stores these days? mwahahahhaa.... oh, u do?... hmm....=/
NO Exception here... pls, do everyone a favor, go download them, we always welcome another seed on BT.

yet another public service announcement, brought to by the conscience of xymon ... see u at the next yard sale, internet auction, or ca$h converters...

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