Sunday, October 17, 2004

"Will the real Hussein please stand up, please stand up"

The Real Hussein... spoof of Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady"
sent to me by a "monk" ;)
had me in stitches and singin along...

if u guys ever need a server host to send huge files and stuff, u can check out you send it. A pretty user-friendly site,just post the huge file in question(remember kids, too much p0rn is bad for u, always remember to share) and the site will send an email to the friend to collect it from its server, simple as that.
...coz not everyone has a cool g-mail account with 1Gig of server space....damn, aren't those g-mail account holders cool? and prolly handsome to boot... *insert vomit gag sequence*

Do u like DJ'ing? impressed by turntables?
Do u like Bruce Lee? impressed by his moves?
So i take it u like DJ'ing like Bruce Lee?
confused? don't be.... click on the mystifying dude here or the cool Brucie pic on the sidebar and be the ultimate cool dude with the Bruce Lee Remixer!(pls have macromedia shockwave though, i'm sure u do, u are cool right? right?)props to the guys at!

you are getting sleep-y...

have a great sunday....
"who's your baghdaddy"

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