Friday, October 15, 2004

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World Famous...

Dang, looks like i gotta clean my mirrors eh? But what do i care? i got my fave tee on, my brand new butter-soft leather sneakers on...ain't nuthin' gonna hold me down... (sorry 'bout the slang and stuff, couldn't help it y'know... LOL)

Had an awesome lunch today (sorry no pics...some restaurant rule or something.... yeah rite! hahaha)...there was the dim sum entre, and something like 6 main course dishes but that was before... get this... a generous helping of ice cold yam flavored ice cream gorgeously marooned in the middle of a steaming hot bowl of red-bean soup! simply heaven! no kiddin', go try it sometime!

Its suppose to be exam time in schools ain't it? Somehow, i seem to see more kids in town more than anything.... must be out "studyin'... (heh heh)...not that its a bad thing... (even more heh heh)... :P

Anyways, as u may have noticed so far, i'm a sneaker-freak by nature... and you're gonna see more shoes in future (like it or not... hopefully likin' it..)... i'll prolly be previewing some '05 sneakers that are gonna be launched...

Oh yeah, and more talking in parenthesis (i dunno, i just like it... so sue me :P)

cheers y'all!

Its finally the weekend yar? Hmm... not that theres much to do anyways



Hey simon.. how come ur head is always missing from the pic. hahah. Anyway think those on the streeets are neither Os nor As nor NTU nor NUS pple. =P

xymon said...

no need to show face mah... hehe
there'll be more shoe pics coming up, dun worry :)