Wednesday, October 13, 2004

ah yes, this baby is finally up again...
Took a long time coming, but yes, my blog is "current" once again (or at least i aim to keep it current).

In the typical foot-in-mouth style of Austin Powers "Let myself,introduce...myself.."
This is moi...
Image Hosted by need of a bigger mirror... LOL

Sorry if the pic scared ya, just couldn't be bothered to turn the flash on the bugger, hahaha....Anyways, i'll just be posting up random pics of myself or whatever i see in my daily... hope anyone that reads this s#%t will enjoy that :)

Y'know its true when your mom always nags at you and says "sometimes it helps to open your eyes when u walk".... Had to run an errand this morning at the post office, took the never-ending "short" feeder bus ride and what do i get when i alight and walk towards where the post office WAS supposed to be??? It was relocated as it was under renovation! darn.... so i dutifully followed the instructions to its temporary location... and where do u think it is? just right next to the frickin' path which i took towards the old one! (am i making sense here?)

Anywho, arrived late at work, thankfully didn't miss anything important.... took a couple of pics of my customs as well, let u guys have a sample
Image Hosted by
A re-worked New Balance BB700 white/red, done in Atlanta colours....

Will post more pics and stuff later on, pretty tired (and lazy...haha)....

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