Tuesday, October 26, 2004

This is for the one who got the job ahead of me coz he has supposedly more "experience": "bullsh!t, bo!!ocks, b@ll$ and a big fcuk you!"
seriously, i don't blame the interviewers and the powers-that-be who feel they shouldn't be taking a chance on someone who may not have the working experience but in fact posesses more product knowledge or insight... i blame the guys who manage to fool them into thinking so.

ok, rant over... whatever, i'll be ready the next time(you'll be sure of that)

21 ways to hook up with a model
every hetro's dream

pumpkins must be expensive this time of the year
police searching for naked pumpkin prowler

now i know why i can never finish a report in time
Ministry of Ed should consider teaching this in schools

interesting way to get out of exam stress (Yanz, take note)
clever kids

with the 2 Nov election date looming, this brings great relief as to who should be the next POTUS (psst, it means President of the US)
at least its not Bush

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