Saturday, October 16, 2004

Weight off my ... head

There must be something said or written about the thereuputic effects of cutting one's hair. Something about the hair being the extension of stress and tension and cutting it off brings along a removal of the proverbial "weight off your shoulders"....
either that, or its just me and my big head of hair.... big head = big hair ... lol

Which brings me to the weather (why then did u think i cut my hair?)... its blazing hot these days, can't i even enjoy my siesta in peace without blasting my little fan... and even then, all the while blowing hot air at my face? :P

Oh well...

couple of nice sites you might like to visit:
grafitti appreciation at its best...
wooster collective

and how to reclaim back public property
public ad campaign

something about grafitti and the guerilla practices of these guys attracts me... i just might try them out one of these days (oops, did i think that out loud?)



Anonymous said...

heya simon!!! nice blog out your reviews on sneakers and stuffs. Interesting.. Keep on posting ya..!!!! U design sneakers too?

Having fun in NIE, will be having exams soon..

take care see ya ard!!


xymon said...

nah, i don't design sneakers, i just customize them by painting them in totally different colors... :)
gd luck with school work!