Tuesday, November 02, 2004

vote or die
ain't i cute

G'monday to y'all...
Today's election day in US, time for democracy, excercising your rights of a citizen, voting for better governance....blah blah blah

Speaking of democracy and fairness, today is also mass-queueing day in Singapore. Seriously, i've begun to believe that we know nothing but just to queue and queue to get what you want (or in some cases, what others tell u to want)
Hello kitty, we Q...Condo, public housing, we Q...trip to the loo, we Q...freshly baked bread, we Q...sneakers which are deemed limited and rare...what else? we Q of course

This evening, the local shoe spot at Queensway shopping centre released the "next big thing", a limited edition nike sneaker that had the kids in a flurry. I've heard how some kids camped at the doorstep at 1am....mind you, the store opens at 11am and the guys only started selling the shoe at 7pm. But then again, i guess this is nothing compared to the situation overseas(its much worse, for those who wanna know). I originally wanted to rant about "kids these days", "queues", "nike selling out", and about how the "bubble will burst"... but i thought better of it...anywho, heres some pics i took when i rolled over to the store after work

shop front
shop front
queue just outside
bored looking peeps
snaking around, above other levels and out of the building
stretching to other levels
view from inside the shop
cute chick

ok, thats about it... thanks for waiting for the pics to load
and in case you're wondering, no, i didn't get my pair of shoes...its ok though, there'll be some other shoe down the road



Haa.. it's another sign of KS Sporeans.
Hey simon, can u teach me how to post so many pics together on the same entry? Heez. after exams.

xymon said...

sure sure... its pretty easy stuff, will show u my primitive html skills, haha
must work hard for your exams k? hit me up when u are free/bored

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