Thursday, January 03, 2008

Days off should be spent literally cooped in bed, but i still can't get the hang of doing nothing (yes, utterly surprising)...not after months of continuous work at the new job. But hey, i've no complaints, not when theres opportunities abound. I definitely give thanks for the lucky patch i'm in from '07 and only hope for more to come in '08, or at least hope i'm not dumb enough to pass them up when they present themselves.
Met up with buddies for lunch, some coffee and too-short chats...Damn, even during rest days i run short of time! LOL
Ahhh...definitely need to this more often, friends/buddies/loved ones are the peeps who make up one's life
Some mag pictorials i promised...most are prolly old news already, but hey, just enjoy the shots yeah? =)

i like the diversity shown on the same 2 models
NBHD: voice of generation

black can be utilitarian yet surprising

Revival? hmm, looks like it. The guys have been re-positioning the label and art direction lately...could be back to the good 'ol days once again. It has maintained its tongue in cheek street smart swagger instead of the big-print/day-glo ways of recent west coast... Go Ape!

all-too-familiar shoot for the ura-street juggernaut. That varsity jacket with the fallen Liberty (1st pic, right side) would've been soo right for Bape in their hey-day. Oddly enough, under the right sleeve is embroidery of "bitch please", go figure.

Seeing the 1st run of "straight to hell" prints rocked by the NYC crew in person, i've got to say i really want 'em. To compound the fact further that the possibility of it happening is as close to Jess Alba proclaiming her baby is mine (think to the power of negative infinity), Boon's printed a 2nd run.
"We've a got a bigger problem now" (oooh, they are soo right)

Promo-pics for the next mook

They just do 'em so well don't they?

The idea behind these a/promo shots for Tet's BullInk are absolute genius. Click the pics to enlarge for a closer look. The graduation photo yearbook shot cracked me up. And who do we have peddling his wares on the street? Who else but the mighty Tet?
FATKYO again

Don't you just love shots of their casual-wear?
new drops
Resonate Goodenough

featuring glitter print on logo


"still trad"


UE-uniform experiment

expect more soon from visvim x fragment
Today's randomz shots featuring Leah Dizon

Other than being hot chick, she's also really kawaii (3rd pic)...which explains her high popularity stakes in Japan

More Rachelle Leah from Complex

have a nice Friday ahead!

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