Saturday, January 05, 2008

naked ape

fabrique en japonais?: graduation ape*45rpm raw*visvim serra*gshock haze*(porter key fob in hand)
Pic title is almost misleading, how much is really made there (besides them dope dope denims) these days? Think 'brands of japan' is more like it.
Anyways, its yet another b'day for this old dog. No party-all-nighter, no big prezzies, no fuss...sighs, sometimes i really feel old just thinking about it. But i guess all i need for a good b'day is just being near loved ones, and for that i've gotta give thanks. Without whom, i'm just a naked ape...
Couple of nice things flickering thru my monitors:
Repetto Bridget Bardot

hmm? wha? what's xymon up to with girlie ballerina flats? hahaha
Nothing's the matter, just thought these look really lovely. Steeped in history and ties with the legendary Bardot, this design is 60 pairs only, for Repetto's 60th anniv
These new neon colored releases are rad as well:

All avail from colette
FuturaLab Be@rbrick WorldTour

Them pointy-eared-men get me everytime... lookin' good!
new JustAnotherRichKid soon

new stuff from JARK up very shortly
tactics in motion

Haven't checked motion for some time... love the setup and visuals!
Bringing down the house: Nike Store Paris

W+K always knows how to make a pictoral exclamation point. Crazy Horse gal from moulin rouge (yeah, that one) graces the ad for the Paris store
Dad at the comedy barn

I laughed my guts out for 5 whole mins...

Almost as hard as this chick... hmm, she's kinda cute init?
Irina Sheik - too hot to handle

Cindy Taylor -Maxim:

holy frilly lace!

seey'all laters

sorry if this post is incoherent as shit. i just can't really think/write with alot on my mind midway thru. what does it mean when someone you consider close doesn;t even tell you of the happy occasion? should i feel sad? or happy for the person? perhaps i'm the only one thinking too much into it...perhaps

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Happy Birthday mate!!!