Saturday, January 12, 2008


Just got back from a downunder hop. Sometimes i really wish it was a vacation rather than work. But hey, at least i'm well taken care of. Did a short SYD-MEL-SIN roundabout to occupy the week... it sure beats sitting behind the desk and complaining about when i get off work.
Not really much of a foodie writer nor connosieur (at the moment), but just thought i'd take these shots coz they look (and taste) pretty good

Haven't tried goose liver before, and after this, i wouldn't mind seconds. A unique appetiser for sure, and great companion with cabernet. Second pic must look disappointing for local folks...its just chicken rice ain't it? Well, not if its been cooked with Mao Tai and given the midas touch of Sam Leong, director of kitchens for the Tung Lok group. And to end it off with a delish ice cream and pan-seared pear... All this while re-watching Ratatouille: abosulutely wonderful
I still haven't mastered the art of cheese and wine, so i thought i'll just try a nip across the selection, heh. With the help of the leading stewardess, of course.. hehe.

And whats this about plastic cutlery already? And i was just pretty impressed with the all-plastic Aussie currency notes...hmmm...

The cloud-view was awesome, gotta plan my flight ahead next time to catch them views!

Morning Sydney, and its off to work. Quite like these serviced apartments (does that "artwork" look paul smith-ish to you?haha). Go check out Quest apartments the next time you're looking for affordable and convenient stays. Weather's pretty cooling even though its summer. You'll only notice its summer when the sun sets at 9pm, lovely views too. Didn't manage to move around Sydney much due to some minor mess ups and coordination at work that took ages off my schedule. I did pop over to Souths Juniors club for dinner. Sadly didn't spot Russell Crowe, hahaha!
3rd day was spent doing the internal flight from SYD to MEL...i quite like the domestic terminal in SYD, much more "presentable" than the one we have in SG...ugh
Arrived in MEL in time for a quick wash up and dinner. Managed to hole up at Lonsdale near Chinatown/city area. Wandered off to the popular restaurant strip near Lygon for some humongous steak and lovely selection of red wines... gotta love it. Of course it helps when the Spanish waitress has devilish body, speaks little English and smiles just like your crush (oh how my heart aches)

Couple of shots from a short walkabout the place: such considerate Aussies of needlework...; spotted some cute graf work at the alleys near the Crumpler store; Wing Chun anyone? :) pic taken across the street, in front of an awesome Sharks Fin House restaturant (ask for the signature lobster noodles and Wagyu beef hotplate). Food is aplenty, unfortunately shopping is quite the opposite. Hit up the Chinatown stores for cheap souveniors and foodstuffs; the dvd outlets for low priced wares/electronics; camera shops for some good deals. Clothing and accs? just hit those factory outlets at the edge of the suburbs. Still kicking myself for missing out on the GR-D's coz these shops close so early, damn.

I'm not even closely religious, but as i sorted the photos, i find these cathedral shots. 1st one i thought was pretty interesting, check out the crosses in the background building. In fact there was a small Christian book store there as well, coincidence? I just love the look of these historic structures...Victoria-era maybe? Theres plenty of them around Melb area, quite a joy as i did my walkabout.
Tee+shorts is the "uniform" of choice for day-walks in the summer. I kid you not, it was 40 degreesC for 2 days straight...
And all too soon, i have to leave.

And you know what that means..yep, more food!

Crayfish appetiser, consomme and then a masterpiece of Muscovy duck by Matthew Moran. I've never tasted anything quite like it...true indulgence

Back to cloud watching after a touch of dessert. Interesting point to note, i think i've enjoyed the inflight movies more than i did at the cinemas... nothing wastes more time than a marathon of MissionImpossible and Matrix partI...hahaha

If you happen to pop by SG, do remember to check out the new Changi Airport Terminal 3... totally awesome... awesomely huge i mean, haha
waterfalls, hundreds of skylights, restaurants, stand alone boutiques, dedicated lounges, decadent services galore....great
And so it'll be back to work on Monday. gosh i need a vacation...hahahaha
some lovelies to take the mind off my lovely Alba getting preggers...
Rihanna music video shots

Megan Fox

too hot!


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