Sunday, January 27, 2008

rise & fall
Its been a turbulent/eventful past week...the Asian stock exchanges tumbled as the US market struggled to find her feet in quicksand;
yet another idiot managed to evaporate billions from a major bank, yes billions, and not cop a single cent (am i right to say he's an idiot?);
a Kennedy-esque fantasy presidency perhaps, or will it be a Hollywood one, or one backed by the big Apple? IMO, in view of the available choices and the incumbent dope-head, its a case of believing the inexperienced prophet rather than the experienced liar;
yet another young awesome actor passes...what a fucking shame. RIP Heath
an Aedes-mozzie inflicted viral fever with a name sounding like a Japanese bookstore hits town;
and prices for barbequed pork sweet meats (traditionally eaten during Chinese New Year) are set to hit all-time high just like prices for a barrel of oil....sighs, all this, and it doesn't affect me one bit. The wonders of being blissfully unaffected by the world/local events of the outside world when donning the uniform, LOL. I seriously don't know whether to laugh or be bothered
Junya MAN

I seriously need that dope belt...and there can never be too many striped shirts, haha
Goodenough socks

I know, not much big streetwear news, so go buy these GDEH socks already :)
With the rising prices of Nike ankle/footie socks, might as well go value for money with these
lo-fi sneaks

Hip urban streetwear still going through the emo/rocker/grunge/whatevs phase, so these ultra-pricey hi-tops are top of the picks. Problem is not being able to afford, but to find them in the first place, heh
MMJ+Converse+Beams and Visvim Keifer+Sophnet
Olivia Morris

Truly lovely retro-chic prints by Olivia Morris for your feet. Couple of '08 releases on net-a-porter...pricey goodness
Levis 1955 pack

Nothing like celebrating your 53rd anniversary eh?
One of the more popular denim model, LVC sets up a box set for the 1955 big E repro with iconic white(cream actually) tee to match
At Oi Polloi
RealMadHectic AF1 - 1Love

This dropped last week i believe...sadly not in SG due to some misunderstanding...
Red croc is really stunning. Anyone able to hook a bro up?
Have you been to the Ghetto?

You should. Period.
via Ping Mag
Amazing shots of Nothern Lights

This is what i mean by otaku-madness
Super Mario Fusion by Mario fan

Totally awesome - Excellent

Demi for V
absolute stunned when i saw the V mag cover...besides the botox and plastic surgery info about her, she does look stunning and retains milf status

see you guys in a week. laters!

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