Saturday, March 10, 2007

its been hectic
Been a real crazy-whirlwind week at the office, with entire-day-long meetings and interactions with overseas colleagues before they flew back to Netherlands yesterday. Really friendly bunch of people them Dutch are. Point to note, they really like their pineapple juice! So carry a pint of fresh pineapple juice and you'll be their new best friend! LOL
Had a lovely dinner at Brazil Churrascaria with the guys to cap off their visit. Its definitely for the carnivores like me, cuz, man, the meat just kept coming: chicken, beef, lamb, pork, fish, grilled, flamed, fried, roast, whatever you name it, they've probably got it and then some. If anyone else is dropping by SG lately, hit me up, i'll bring you there - i'm game for more meat, haha
I'm pretty much stoned for the weekend, especially with an in-camp coming up next week. It'll be a short respite for me - a week of no work by order of the government, woohoo! ha
Interesting article about consumerism in the NYTimes, including mention of Rosemary Willaims, a video and installation artist who always hated shopping but decided to create a piece title "The Wall of Mall", chronicling her experience at the Mall of America.
Here's a couple of vids to interest ya:
BMW ad - Beethoven UNKLE mix

New 60sec ad done by Nick Thornton-Jones and Warren DuPreez [the same guys who did the lovely decks for Mekanism last year], featuring a soundtrack on Beethoven's 9th symphony remix by UNKLE
Talk about a leap of faith
Bob Burnquist always blows me away whenever i watch the XGames, but this takes the cake [and all the cream on top]:

3yo Xie En-Xin solves Rubiks cube in 114 seconds
aka "i'm officially stoopid"

Nissan Qashqai ad - skateboard [who names these cars?]
Nissan decides to jump on the skateboarding bandwagon, some nice moves

Kitchen Diaries - recipe for a nice mix
Something to end off a Saturday excellent beatbox mix in truest sense of the word

dude is excellente


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