Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Caught Hannibal Rising on Sunday, not too bad of a movie. Lacking in excitement in most parts, i'd wish they'd play up on the gore or thrill factor like "Silence". Heck, i was disappointed with only a hint of incest from Gong Li's Lady Murasaki character [can't be helped, i'm a perv]

Followed up with an evening stop at the SoleObsession meetup. Gotta show some love [no homo] for the 'old timers'. Borne from the memories of summits and gatherings of yesteryear, its truly nice to have a pure gathering of sorts without the pretext of hype. Sure we still get the odds and ends of youthful hype: "er, can i just pop by to get the event tee?" and "what limited edition NB shoes are in the lucky draw?"
The tee helps to ease off the organising [since its individually run] and the shoes, well, true its used for advertising and enticing, but its simply giving up what we could spare. But thats prolly the way it goes with NB kicks, love em or hate em, its not gonna go on ebay.

The comings and goings - props to the Streething crew for showing support. Met Ben as well, still remember him from the days of Skool @ FEP. And the Bape-sponsored dude was in nbhd - a rarity! haha

[Left]:Anthony [Leftfoot], Mandeep [LimitedEdt], Eugene [the brain] cooking up more evil concoctions. [Right]: former hype-king, the real guru-guru of UC, Skinner and nobody acting cute [no homo]

[Left]: The NB spread [by the ever so humble Ant]-i so need those microzine's and FOPS. [Right]: hTm's are always welcome, but i'm lovin' the Orchard Streets and Junya x Nike vintage joints

[Left]:tennis balls and londons. [Right]: so-rare-it-hurts Clydes-Green "cash money" is gem
There were some cute chicks as well, props for turning up.

"The big cheese" aka "big kahuna" aka "da boss" aka "Mr A" spotting some short short skirts, whereupon being questioned for the photo-taking, deftly turned the attention to the hot hot kicks on display instead. hahahaha!

Mr Oderus doing the soapbox honours. Not only were kicks given away, we had crates of duty-free beer to boot! Beat that!
All in, it was a laid-back affair and i for one would hope there's more of summits and less of hype-meets. Props!

Not only were the hungry dragons on the prowl, so were these! Widely mistaken for the HK-collab, unfortunately on a wider distribution, these have their selling points. They also feature the oil-leather and detailed stitching, however, they lack the individually numbered tag [hence the much much larger production nr's]. Saving grace is the "new balance" heel tab logo translated into Chinese characters. Thats prolly really the few times you're gonna see the trademarked logo font-type being "tweaked"!
pic courtesy of Skinner @ Leftfoot store, Singapore
undercover A/W 07

Jun Takahashi's Undercover A/W 07 is reviewed on style.com"
A couple of pretty straight forward, pull-on essentials, but that "brains" carry-bag is much too sick - a must get for fans.
I'd say a pretty simple collection and that's easily digested and for the masses. But what's with the Jay McCarroll headphones/earmuffs effect?
Speaking of which, Jay's collection does give lots to think about when compared to above...

let's hear it for the ladies
Its int'l womens day [3rd Mar], so what better way to commemorate than moving on to my fave part of blogging... :)
Keely & Avril for Arena
Dope issue this month with a double whammy:

Avril drop it like its hot on the cover,

Keeley brings the goods as usual

Jennifer Love and her Hewitts do not disappoint at the post-Oscar party
superfine Vic popping
Check out Vic in her Superfine's

still eye-poppingly hot devil of a bod:

i'm totally pooped, hitting the sack real soon

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