Sunday, March 25, 2007

back in action

Green was the flavor [color] of the past week. Army's changed much in the past few years. From the minor additions on the uniform to the men and formation of the unit. Its been almost a decade since i was inducted as a freshie and now i'm at the tailend of nation's service. Never once did i regret and none of the times did i forget.

5 years of reservist... heck, everyone goes through it, but i'm glad i did it with my best of buds and served with pride.
we had been part of an entity greater than the sum of its parts...honour and glory forever"

Wearing: bomb squad tee. wtaps heelweek hoodie. a tan and peeling skin

mail drop

Supreme by Futura
Incidentally, the motto for the Wolves of the new VI Company is also "divide & conquer". Glad to have met their acquaintance
photo print poison
Fresh poison greats me as i return to the PC...everyone knows how i love photo prints

Rockers Galore: Josh Cheuse x Stussy, via Paul Mittleman

The long awaited Stussy x Mash SF, via direct. Anybody hookup please?
gdeh x hideout

A peep at the shoot for iD of the upcoming gdeh x hideout coach jacket. via outlook
CK in2U
image hosted by
I'm loving this bottle!! I don't think its out in SG yet [will probably scope it laters]
Looks like a sake bottle innit?!

Giselle for Korean label Tug denim. Tight tight bod! via

Nipply promo for her line of Brazillian sandals
wierd 574 sandals

Speaking of sandals...Probably only for the hardcore 574 afficionado' least it has encap
xtina - Max
whats a xymon post without xtina?


and i still can't get my mind off this vid...just too good:
...He's a one stop jive, makes my panties drop...
...He's a one stop jive, makes my cherry pop...
...He's a one stop jive with a real big *uh*...


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