Sunday, December 10, 2006

Absolutely love this vintage Supreme T, and knowing my love for women on tees, y'know i gotta have this. When's Supreme gonna bring back the box on the sleeve?
Speaking of which, the new photo-print came in a couple days ago as well. Still can't shake off my love for photo T's

Pity about the new collars though, making it easier for the fakesters out there. Interested ebay hunters out will know i mean when looking out for fake Supreme tees...
x'mas world tour

stussy drops the WTT for x'mas worldwide.
BXH x Thrasher

Pics courtesy of *harikirischoolgirls*. Hot stuff, get 'em before you miss 'em
Burton x HP

Now this is one serious pack i wish i have for X'mas! Awesome daypack.
In case i forget, Surrender has the new season HP bags/ lower prices due to our stronger exchange rates. yippee

Cute little MP3 case by GamaGo..get them here

Some interesting poo spotted at the always reliable ningyoushi
Neckface in action

Check out Neckface in action. 68andbros was there to capture.
Kid73 Wildstyle belts

Just like the blank canvas of the adicolor, these Kid73 subway belts are pretty cool way to express yourself!
Nokia 8800 x Lambo

This one is out of my league, but for those interested, available in an edition of 500 only. I'm happy with my N73 =)
cheapest Ferrari

And if you have about 90,000pounds to spare, put yourself down for a Ferrari Dino 420 come 2008. This Porsche, BMW, Aston hybrid looks sleek
And if you feel you don't need the wheels, you can always plonk that 90K into a clock:

But does it come with an alarm?
via future of things
Lee window display striptease

Yet another reason the Brits are way more "advance" than us...damn
After checking out the following, i'll gladly admit: i'm not a creative, nor handy man...

Post It Jesus. via wooster collective

Post It animation: madness!!!
another reason to steal office supplies...heh heh

Hubert de Lartigue shows you how to create an X-wing using a Parisian metro ticket.
and all i can do to is make paper bullets to shoot at irritating kids


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