Sunday, December 10, 2006


I'm awfully knackered from an entire week of shipment rushing...geez, sometimes its as if the cargo flight's parked right outside the company lot! If you guys think the tech sector is doing good, you have no idea how much the big boys @ Intel are buying and spending on equipment...boom's coming boyz
Doing a bit of "do-the-MilSpex" look (forgive the cam-phone, still haven't mastered it fully): taps rogue sqd jkt (what up Sam!), vintage (b)ape sounds T, '67 lEvis, NB576 MA1 (not pictured)
Nissin Seafood Cup Noodles?!?!

I think ebayers buying off of me is much too lucky, compared to what i'm getting from overseas sellers...Visvim's in a cup noodles box? hahahahhaa
Thank god it wasn't quarantined at the airport for food checks!
Much props to our local postal office for the cheap and proper packaging!
That said, them hikers are sweet
prayers in the field

Speaking of x'mas, this might come in handy in the heat of battle when you needto talk to the Big Guy... LOL
digi-camo bible

These cutie decks should do well on someone's walls...i'd rather shred it

Check out this cheeky ad for PrettyPolly tights in the UK. Works on the ever-inquisitive wandering eye to look upwards...heh heh
The finished giant billboard (biggest ever in UK)


Dropping in BXH Harajuku. Also comes in Stussy Harajuku Store exclusive print
Dope... now someone help me out with a black L please?

Some pix of drunken chick...nice kicks

Brooke Burke

Scarlett lookin' golden...w00t


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