Saturday, December 23, 2006


The downpour the past week was serious. The monsoon-flood-inducing kind. Even had to break out the old goretex boots. But it was heaven once they were on my feet, i was stomping everywhere i went - LOL! Roll up the selvedge, double-knotted the goretex, suited up in NB tech terrain jacket with headover for good measure, i think quite a few peeps stepped away from me at the train station - who knew what i held in my pack...heh heh.

I finally took leave from work in more than 8 moths! Its been a really ridiculous year, and i don't think i can't stand it anymore. Seriously, if i do get to become a boss in future, i too want a value for money worker like me who does 4 persons' jobs, gets miserable pay and does not complain even though the extra work has no considerable bearing on his future...sheesh
Anyway, finally got to have a little shopping time and my own downtime. Town is still packed to the brim, even with the crazy rain. It does get pretty depressing with everyone and their aunts coming out with big bags from Gucci and LV. Its easy to forget about them and be contented, but its even easier to feel poor. Ugh, someone drag me away from obscurity and obsoletion!
break necks

Pic via Shinsuke's blog...those must feel like a midget hanging on Nigo
shakes head
kid in town

So my fave DJ of the moment hits town and i couldn't catch him...damn
Still, this flyer is ace! Its a parody of a Jap childhood snack i used to always eat! haha
Nissin Cup Noodles mean business

When you hire Katsuhiro Otomo [only the creator of Domu, Akira, Steamboy and coolest apocalyptic world ever to you non-otaku] to be at the helm of your advertising campaign, you know its gonna be D-O-P-E
And to think i got a Nissin box package last week! could it be a sign???
Freedom Project
Perth has it good

I've always been a fan of MC Escher and Reutersvärd's work, so it's amazing that this impossible figure has been accepted and built as centrepiece for town redevelopment in Perth!
Frank's ChopShop

Get your head protected with the new Frank151 NE's
Mercedes A to S

Let this be yet another case-study in superb web-design and user interaction. Mecrcedes does a great job with clicks, drags and rollovers, i'm sold!
Versace reborn

Spring 2007 is looking simple, lovely and mighty fine. Excellent!
shit happens

Even Asimo has off-days.

Pachelbel rant

I personally love Pachelbel's Canon, but i still laughed my ass off at Rob's rant. Good stuff

Sesame streets

Sesame Street x Goodfellas - its funny y'hear me?! funny!
Paulina Rubio

I have no idea where she has gone off to lately, but Paulina Rubio is still hot

Diora Baird for Maxim

Nope, i'm not too familiar with this chick, but i defnitely appreciate bikini's on the golf course. Michelle Wie needs to step up her [clothing] game


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