Saturday, November 06, 2004

Its been a crazy week at work, funny how everyone tends to drop by or call up for a meeting just when you don't need them.... LOL

Anyway, the office sample sales have come and gone, my buddies will get the hook-ups from me soon, you know who you are (then again, "ting" maybe not... since its a "surprize")..(if that last sentence sounds foreign to u, its ok, its meant to)

Right-O, on to the random stuff this week:

I always love Subway 'wiches, excellent stuff, big portions friendly staff etc... plus they contain more than three and a half times as many calories as one Big Mac; have six times the sodium, seven times the carbohydrates and 14 times as much sugar....
Just right for your average diet

I always tell people i read alot.... :P
Go reed a book, U nevr noe wad u gunna ghet

Never rob a bank while its still under construction
Dumbass of the week award

Clean toilets = state of country's development
I guess the rule does not cover Singapore

Heres why the British are way ahead of us
A far more open environment

...And it seems the Texans are not too far behind either
"kids the 3 branches of government are missionary, spooning and doggy..-oops

Alrite, enough of sexist corny(*pun alert) jokes....
Tech-geek news of the week
Corn does improve your memory...of your PC that is

thats all folks, ta

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