Saturday, November 13, 2004

TGIF-TGIS etc etc

I'm getting lots of "complaints" that i haven't been blogging...hellooo, i'm Mr Busy here ok? LOL just playing...

Anyway, gonna post this up, try to be gentle with your comments:

Next in my series of customs, the M574PH, for my pal Philip.

Colors inspired by the CT exclusives, since Philip wanted something to go with his denims, i went with the grey/midnite blue. The midnite blue is given the "patent" look.

check out the 3M glow
Lion's crest with Philip's initial

happy family
and the family portrait...

Feel free to give comments, friends and foes alike (hopefully more friends, lol)

Laters, ta

**edit (11am)
yup i'm back... think i'll just make this a deluxe post to make up for the time i've been MIA.

Theres this DHL dude that delivers stuff to our office daily, friendly fella and efficient as hell... so it comes without surprise when i see these ads. They're supposed to be "banned ads or something, but i sure love the Yanks for their sense of humor in everything they do. Local tv is simply too "oppressed" for my liking (oops i said the "O" word, hope i'm not litigated)...Whatevs....
ADVERT numero uno

ADVERT numero erm.. two

*FYI, the other 2 companies featured are UPS and FedEx...

Speaking of FedEx (funny how things always link up eh? hehe)....
"They commissioned hundreds of designers to come up with a suitable logo, but the bare simplicity of the one below that they chose is brilliant: the arrow that implies delivery, speed, direction, forward, progress, etc that is fundamental to their service, is furthered by it pointing to the X, ie accuracy, timing, again delivery, location, whereever you want to send it etc etc..." end Quote
can u spot the arrow?

Can u guys spot the arrow? Its the empty space between "E" and "x"... clever eh? But don't go telling others I told u that, i just read from the web, thats all ;)

Anyone in UK wanna help me get this for free?? please pretty please?
Free walker-meter (for UK residents only)
ps, gotta love how Gary Lineker is still earning his fame dollars, haha

Ok, think i said quite a mouthful today... but one last post, i just can't resist
This is for all the embarassing "noises" and "smell" that comes from the "cheer from the rear" (wow i learnt a new phrase today)...Gals should appreciate these gems too (yes, they do fart, in case u din know)
Late contender for "Invention of the Year" award!

okie dokes...signing off, enjoy


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