Sunday, March 09, 2008

you've come a long way, baby

New Balance 576 20th Anniversary
Leftfoot Anthropology - Holland Village, Singapore

Billed as the launch event for the 20th anniversary of the iconic 576, NB pulled out the stops to showcase her range of lifestyle footwear. Coupled with the new Leftfoot Anthropology store in the cosy Holland V enclave, i'd say its a match made in heaven.
The revolving displays showcased the past, present and future for the 576 model. It also left quite a few drooling sneaker heads wishing they could snatch the "past" 576retro pairs out of the display. Those "made in england" vintage-aged from NB Japan are too lovely. Can't say the same about the "future" range of 576E (thank heavens theres still time to change the future NB)

Elsewhere on the familiar Leftfoot wood-panelled shelves, upcoming samples attracted quite a few curious eyes. Watch out for the Spy vs Spy edition due out in April, set is hot. The vegetable-tanned leather 576 collector's set was also revealed to the Singapore public for the first time...and nope, its not for sale. For folks following the hype blogs, guess they didn't manage to follow up, but release date was Feb 16. Chances of copping them? only in Jpn mates... only in Jpn

And of course the star of the show, the Purple Rose 576 that was designed to celebrate the anniversary. Awesome throne room worked into the store's cosy chat-space (way to go KH!). Up close of the plush velvet liner and detailed stitching, great blends to give the look befitting royalty.

Up on the 2nd floor, some of the most rare and hyped NB kicks were on display, sourced from Japan and Europe. Also a chance to see the upcoming Leftfoot collaboration "heaven & hell" set, designed by Meth and SBTG. Nice work fellas!

Truly a sight to behold...but wait, theres some hidden gems in here as well
The current ST33 luggage pack has just launched around the world, but wait till you guys get a load of the next set - inspired by Italian suits!

Great job in highlighting the unique suit styles: note the pinstripe shirts/liner, lace (mimics the tie) and lace tips (the cufflinks). More info to drop when the time is right...

You may have seen the leaked pics of this set somewhere, but those kids have no idea what they were. Not much use is it? ha! Sometimes you just wished they'd get their facts right before posting, but oh well...
Its colorway is inspired by Chinese Sichuan opera masks, from the traditional performance art of Bian Lian, hence the intricate set up with the two masks. The Chinese characters are "wu shuang" meaning invincible. Look out for them real soon. And come back here if you want the right info kiddies! ha!

Oh what an evening to take pics, but sadly my cam gave up on me (which is doing pretty often lately, much to my annoyance). Thankfully, my friendly bro aka evil one Eugene was on hand with the shutter fingers.
For those of us clued in on the event, it was more of a "get drunk" finale night for a special dude - the main man Mr A. Years of hard work and toiling finally paid off eh? Back in the days of late, long and lonely nights and working up what are now successful launch events and an impressive calendar lineup to boot, "who would've thunk?"'ve come a long way, baby! Best wishes in new pastures, my bro

Kicked back a few in the laidback decor. What i wore? Viktor&Rolf | 45RPM | LM576MK
(thats vintage "milk" colorway to you hypekids!)

Pic of Mr A doing up the "ID" wall... could this be a sign of things to come? hmm...
Tetsuya (LM576UK V designer) having a quiet moment. How come he's in Vis/Fenom do's and i still get called "hype"? hahahaha

Great nite to end off the week. Much love and thanks to Arthur, Pat, Kim Hwee, Anthony and rest of LF crew.
Peep more pics from the holy trinity of Eugene/Sole Obsession, my crazyeee bro across the bridge skinn3r and (sheer insanity of pics) fish-eye Jules from Streething

Stussy Futura Labs | lEvis southwest soil | NB990BPN
Popped out for a short stroll in town, nice to see some life in the streets, much of it due to the start of school hols. Not enough jail bait though.. hmm
Fred Perry Jessica Ogden

I love this range! The looks are very feminine, i love the sweater and summer dress!
Cazal x Dita: 902 re-release

Aw man, this brings back the years. Dita eyewear caps the long fight to bring this collaboration to fruition. Cazal's iconic 902 frame gets reborn in a limited and exclusive collection of 3 colorways. Gold is straight pimpin'.. but Red is the one!
Local folks, get em from Surrender

MMMM.... i def approve of them Paul Smith joints. Straight up clean cut!

Oh, and the guys mentioned a couple more "select" sizes of their popular store-exclusives get flowed to retail, so go check it!
Stussy Namie Amuro

Spotted S2C on lovely Namie in a recent photoshoot...such a hottie
Lots of friends and folks let me know they drop by my blog for pretty much random reasons... so in true random fashion, check out the following
Yes We Can

us folks(well, in this case, me) in this part of the world are really interested in the US Presidential campaign as well, and this vid validates my view of Barack as that prophet i so want him to be
And don't you know them for simply cut&paste... peep the uncut speech that inspired it. I swear, goosebump-goodness
99 Words For Boobs
and of course in true Random Ramblings fashion, what 99% of traffic into my blog comes for

Sung to the tune of the Nena's "99 luft balloons". Somehow, 99 words for boobs in German doesn't quite kick it
Lake Bell for GQ

Never knew the Boston Legal actress for such loveliness!
everything comes down to poo
Funnily got linked to this vid...really love Scrubs

Have a nice week ahead!!

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