Friday, March 21, 2008

Another round of mail drops, this is turning into a retro blog of sorts...

Them covers are gonna take pride of place with the other vintage ape
Haters can say all they want but i ain't gonna care

And i'm drooling over the F2K artwork on these DJKrush LP's...old skoolin' at work.
Subware x W)taps knit

Seriously the way i'm attracted to sweats and jackets, you'd think SG is in the northern hemisphere. But this knit's too dope to pass up, and do you have any idea how environmentally-UNfriendly the airconditioning is here at the airport? brrr...
Double-name collab of Subware and W)taps from eons ago(in hype-years)
Supreme Padmore & Barnes Saville
Now this one is one from the vault...not much love during its release but yet cult status in today's hype-dom
Released in 2001 (what were you doing in '01?), its made by Padmore & Barnes in Kilkenny Ireland (birthplace of the Wallabee), featuring butter soft leather and quality handmade stitching. Read up on the Wallabee and background of the brand here by my old buddy RTHQ

Showing signs of ageing on the bax label, the glue spots coming off. Believe me, this is the only label or branding of any sorts on the box, talk about non-descript. And a pic after some wear to work...awesome comfort

And following the understated branding style, only a heel tab embossing reveals the collaboration. Last pic showing the pedigree on the insole. Lovely!
This pair is gonna get lots of groundtime and love at work
Stussy Spring08 mook pics
Lots of dope dope proddy to be looking out for:

Personal fave of the lot: DW5000...retro-cool! and you know its gonna be perfect with my Fragment pair lol!

For the Cool Guys out there, some Hiroshi shades for that Tom-cat steez and "soph"isticated coolness from the Kiyonaga-designed pair (only at the newly opened SOPH Osaka)

And like i said before, the 3rd wave of Stussy Hectic NB CM670!

Out in May y'all... go camping!
images courtesy of NextEdge

Dang it, i just can't get these SOPH x Nike Air Revadechi (get it?) out of my mind, its too damn dope and tempting! argh

Speaking of SOPH, couple of nice looks here

Checked wool blousen...i'm feeling tartan lately, so this one's a gem

Some simple raglan perhaps? and speaking of the Stussy "Kiyonaga"s, HK trumps out another dope pair for his own label. Stylish collapsible pair in a collab with Moscot eyewear, that even eagle-eyed moi have to admit to yearning a pair

HF pushes out some plaid for spring as well
Uniform Experiment
UE is both HK and HF, so you know the tartan/plaid ish is gonna flow thru...

so yeap, Madras shorts!
But of course, the main line's all business as usual:

3-button jacket is lookin' boss
Addict - Mode2
Y'all seen this up on the other blogs already, but shits too lovely to pass up
Mode2 does his signature stylee on Addict clothing Artist Series

damn the exchange rate, else i'll be all over them like bees to (suh-weet)honey!

Base-pak original She-Camo, featuring that awesome She-One camo
What did i tell ya? Really feelin' the jacket vibe...Addict doesn't disappoint...packable goodness for the random roams 'round the country

MHI - Mode2
Mode2 also makes an appearance in this MHI tee:

front|back - back|front (haha)
New Balance CM576D

Local heads would've gotten their first look at this from the NB showcase at Leftfoot Anthropology's 576 anniversary celebrations. Just dropped in Mita, the black pair is sweetness (epic-proportions)
Full leather upper, wingtip brogue detailing...and (prob only sneaker nuts will notice), uni-color midsole! thank you NB!
I'll take 1 to go, please, thanks!
Macbook Air

Saw this in the flesh (or rather plastic/titanium etc?) awhile back and its seriously awesomeness-in-an-envelope.
Jobs' ingenius marketing move of fitting it in a Manila envelope sold out the laptop even before a word needs to be uttered. So who cares about the reliability, cooling system, software/hardware supports etc? It FITS into a Manila ENVELOPE! Ka-ching!

And guess what, now you can do it in style...peep CivilianLab's Macbook Air laptop leather sleeve

"Custom-fitted, foam-padded, fuzzy-lined, textured-leather laptop sleeve"
cue: ZOMG!
phew, enough of proddy porn, peep some of the human form

no idea who she is, but Catalina White is good enough for Complex,so yeap!

Jennifer Ellison in lingerie...what else?

y'all know my all-time fave J Alba...still love her even though she's knocked up, peep her photoshoot pre-knock up, shot by Cliff Watts, seen recently for Gotham mag (beats me, never seen it before either)

and if this post doesn't convince you to get broadband yet, i dunno what will

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