Sunday, March 16, 2008


Futura2000 for Bathing Ape
Still waiting on a couple more mail-drops to happen, but was stoked to see F2K in the mail. Finally got me hands on the 1st print run of Futura's footsoldier printed on Oneita Power-T's. This is one vintage worth the hunt

The great condition of the collar is just icing on the cake...they don't make 'em like they used...
the great 3hr lunch
Met up for lunch with 78 and well as offloading a bootload of proddy. Shirts, tees, shoes, decks, more tees...and heck, even chocs, i'm your friendly neighborhood conbini. Awfully chumped at all the proddy he's hauling back, he proceded to do his bit to support our local economy with some huge hauls at Kino and our local friendly portal to the outside proddy-verse, SRNDR

they're not holding hands...
Dude's so at home at SRNDR, his suitcase is at Surr, E-cat's at Ambsh, Vis' at the stairwell and he's got both our cellphones on the display case(!)...pitter-pattering around in blissfull glee in proddy heaven, LOL
BTW, the new Vis drops are almost gone, folk FBT's still around though (prob the price-point), but the Christo's have flown the coop (argh)
Anywho, managed to tear him away from pawing at more stuff to haul ass to the airport. Yet another sweaty routine of stuffing sneakers into too-small suitcases and disguising decks and paperbags as ONE hand luggage...pity the airline staff...ha
Catch up soon, bros
what time is it?

Cool time pieces by Diesel that incorporate a couple of the popular cities for the frequent flier to track his/her time. The mens version even has the IATA airport code engraved on the side for some street cred... nice
Let it ride

The local weather's been acting up lately due to the El Nina factor, so i'm kinda feelin' them LIR shirts...looks warm


so does this Unrivaled shirt with the trademark hatching embroidery... sweet


M&M sweats keeping it simple for those who toil in the garage...

Goodenough club ring
image hosted by
This is a nice piece of ring by GDEH with some nice detailing

NBHD Delta

Pretty impressive photo prints from the new season of Neighborhood's Delta range. Just wish them hype kids stop wiping 'em off the shelves
vintage deck
Get in touch with the old school with this complete deck

no link necessary for those who recognise the artwork, if you don't know, you're not interested anyway

Skateboard deck mirror

And if you're like my bro 78 with walls full of decks and skate artwork, this should come in handy
...or you can make one yourself

Yep, the 420's have been retro'ed finaly, following the resurrection of the 320 last year. Its a much lovelier shoe imo...and 'specially cos its pretty much the same age as i am!
But you know my nit-picking habit kicks in, and i just wish the guys (yes, you NB) would release the same OG colorway... please???

And oh, if possible, w/o the heel tab brand print (for that Made in USA authenticity)

Just only one of the most important publications of our generation, now available to view
Subway Art by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant, 1984
Saving Abel - Addicted

Seriously, the band doesn't matter, the music doesn't matter... just shut up and watch
Candice Swanepoel
Her name is Candice...go ahead and drool

phew, laters!

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