Sunday, December 30, 2007

absence makes the heart grow fonder

Met up with a couple of close friends for a boxing day dinner at Ichiban Boshi Esplanade. Cosy ambience with delish food. The scores of ala carte sushi plates have been cleared by the time this pic was taken of our main course(!) haha. Think we ordered like something from every page of the menu. Theres something about eating amongst close friends that make you forget about time and everything else i guess.
Kudos to the cutie waitress who could remember every single item of the menu, i swear we tested her with dish names and then the item codes, and she got it right every single time(!) Yeah, its sorta teenage prank and all, but hey, who cares when you're having fun, heh.
Friends have each progressed much in their own field and life, and while gatherings have always been nostalgic in nature, we've grown closer over the years since the days of being just Uni mates. Looking forward to the next eat/drink session! ha
late x'mas or early b'day

Supposed to be my x'mas treats, but hey, as long as i get my tee-fix addiction going on, i've no complaints. Besides, my b'day is next week anyway ha.
Some "international" flavours for the prints: Undercover Klaus Schulze; GoodenoughUK "arabic" font; Visvim 6-nation l/s tee
Like meeting up with old pals, nostalgia is key for us otaku's...hunting down every last tee we missed out on is half the fun, haha
ihavepop - necklaces

Seriously, when i first got my man Juse's mail and clicked on the pics, i thought "wth?" Title says necklaces, but those are scarves ain't it? So, as with Juse's intentions, look closely and then somemore.The dude is right, those are neck-laces!

shoelaces for sure! haha. Definitely a fun project to handle. Yo Juse, can have 1 with black/white duo tones, pls? =)
Ihavepop is currently running their "toys on tour" exhibition that should bring him round the world to the major cities. So drop by if he's anywhere near.
anna in stride

Maria S is in town for exhibition match, but i sure miss the days of Anna K in short tennis outfits... heh

more Ms Moss

...from Vogue UK shoot

laters y'all

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