Sunday, December 09, 2007

long haul / long hol

Holiday season is well and truly underway, whether or not i'm ready, that is. A little sore i couln't partake in the Zoukout it was swell, even with the rain and all. But like Shawn Stussy said, "it ain't where ya from, its where ya at" that counts eh? Ha. And like i said, the hols just started without me this time, my wallet wasn't ready and filled, my work wasn't ready to end...i just couldn't find the time to holiday! pfft!
Packing in Cenkareng and Denpasar this coming week is bad enough, as i have to return before the Hari Raya and X'mas hols the week after. Well, i guess Denpasar (Bali) ain't that bad of a place to unwind a little (just that it ain't the same without loved ones y'know what i mean?) After that, i'm looking to fit in a short hop to Jo'burg, So' Africa before end of year: where do i find enough days in the calendar?! My buddies have been saying it'll be cool to spend the turn of the year in S-Africa (funnily, the tunes of 'do they know its x'mas' really come to mind), i'd have to agree, just not the time frame i'm under...urgh
mail drop- SF-LMF

Vinyl-heads will know its not a big deal, just 1 of the many in the LMF set. I'd love to have the whole set, fo' sure. But hey, i'm not made of money. In any case, i quite fancy the Prodig figure, and its pretty apt, coz Michael recently re-released his figure for the Toyshow in HK.

plus, its another red figure to add to my collection, ha Go Lazy-Gang!

Speaking of M-Lau, can someone in HK help me out with a couple of exhibition goodies please?! :)

People stock up in different ways. My bud 'Fiz does his annual tee-stock up with AmericanApparel. Smart move, since its really economical...and theres a sale on
New Balance 580 "Spy vs Spy"

Sometimes we really have a laugh on the hype-sites when they have to report on what little info they are given. Veteran of the game Sneaker Freaker drops some high-res sneak-peak at the upcoming 580 without revealing too much info (much props for that). High-Snob tries his darnest to throw in some descriptions about the rollbar technology and black/white striped designs, while other hype sites follow suit with similar efforts...yadda yadda - something like roses are red, the sky is blue and shoes actually have laces.

Guess they should've been paying attention months back when these images dropped.

Folks around Malaysia and Singapore got their eyeful when these came up in the flesh. Yep, its the Spy vs Spy 580!!! It'll be available in 2 colorways (but of course!) know its gonna be 2-purrs for yours truly
This also heralds the start of 580 model being made available in the USA. So what will happen to the Mita/Hectic Japan collabs for the 580? With the wealth of models in NB's vast vault, NB-fanatics need not worry: exciting times ahead for sure, just wait and see!
pics courtesy of skinn3r
triple threat

Speaking of MT580's... these drop on 15th. Need help
Nexus7 for Stussy Hawaii

Out for one hot minute
Go cop - 'nuff said

Stussy x Mash SF "Hollywood premiere" tee

This tee dropped as well. Great companion for fixie heads who copped the DVD
Nexus7 Porter
Speaking of N7, this lovely piece of leather just dropped

Subtle weaving hints of Bottega goodness, no? Yum
ELT 14th anniv

Hmm, has it been that long already? Every Little Thing turns 14
Nike vintage Terminators

Speaking of old, Nike ups their vintage magic wand on perennial sneakerhead-fave Terminators. Seeing 1st hand how they;ve done justice to the vintage runner series, it looks like Nike's got another winner on their hands. Now if only they'd do one for the Ewing Hoya's (pretty please?)
pics via sneakernews
adidas consortium - deja vu?
So adidas got another consortium series going on..theres the status pack, colors of money pack, archive pack, weave pack, color fundametals pack (ya keeping count?), and now the winter pack. While they seem pretty fresh looking, you just get the feeling you've seen it all before.

A redone ZX-700? Looks more like Visvim's hockney. Wooly Mammoth material on the uppers? Visvim's been there done that with the Paik Mammoth years ago

and what of the Forum Hi's, plastered with dollar bills bearing Adi Dassler's mugshot? Well, i guess the design department were hedging their bets on kids today wouldn't have known about Jeremy Scott's ultra-hyper-strike back in the day with the real greenback (yup, remember that one? before Futura's FLOM dunk too)

I really like the superskate ever since they were launched with the Bathing Ape collab. Woven is not adi's forte (esp the forgettable Superstar wovens), nothing beats Nike's Air Wovens. Purple's not too bad either...that's the thing, everything about it is just..OK. Not the freshest pick of the morning, just OK

This would've blown me away, if only Nike hadn't previously already done it with the techni-colore polka dot print back with that hyper-limited Air Kukini with Hiroshi. And the Star Wars pack? A stroke of genius - tongue in cheek poke at the figurine craze and tug at the old-fogeys' nolstagia heartstrings. But erm, Bape did it too...waay waay back in hypeland-years.
Its not entirely an adi-bashing post, but i just wish they'd keep up y'know? But there's a way to resolve this...just call all of them the deja-vu pack
pics courtesy of Complex mag

of coz not all bad came out of the pack, at least Complex had some nice shots

Megan Fox

Megan looking rocker-chick-hot effortlessly


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