Sunday, August 28, 2005

Beary Stuxxv
Gotta admit, i have a soft spot for plushies...but these bears are too cute. Those who have them, hit me up man.
Super-limited bears for Stussy Japan's Chapter anniversaries...
pics courtesy of stussy watchers

New SF exclusives:
Stussy x Turntable Lab Westcoast "Rush" Tour

"Duds and Suds"


pics taken from ebay auctions

Check out this beautiful web work for by Nike for French store Courir, promoting their new line of Air Max exclusivesUnMaxAir...don't miss the video ads...sweet

Michael Paulus is a genius. Peep his character study of popular comic characters given an x-ray twist. Ever wondered what they would really look like inside their anatomically incorrect bodies? Sick? yeah, as in cool-sick...siiick

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