Sunday, August 21, 2005


I love the Nike Woven, so simple, stylish and comfortable. The Footscape? unique and ahead of its time...i just didn't like the way the laces hung out. But both shoes rank high on my "like" list. Now these 2 are being re-invented by the man ahead of his time, Hiroshi Fujiwara. So the end product is his Frankenstein of a shoe, the hTM Footscape Woven. It sure is unique alright, chop and change of 2 classics, but i much prefer his personal black pair, shown in his profile shot.
pic taken from cooltrans mag

speaking of being Goodenough, some newbies from the japan arm...

some cute/cool stuff
The Food Loop - so simple it hurts

SoFake web design/imagery - simply awesome work

Billy Harvey's website - you haven't seen this yet? then you dunno about the most interesting site so far

New Stussy event tee

Celeb pics, in case u missed them
Eva Longoria

Jen Aniston

Enjoy the week

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