Tuesday, August 09, 2005

aka It takes a little more to be...Supreme

The next installment of my collecting ways dwells on the king of NY street - Supreme. I've mentioned how my collection has little "themes", whether it be prints, materials, colors, artists or sentimental reasons (peep the previous entries on stussy and unkle). Back in early millenia (time sure flies) Supreme released their take on the iconic Nike Air Force 1. For the ignorant, the AF1 was nick-named "uptowns", particular in use in NYC. So James Jebbia and co. named theirs the "Down Low"...for being on the down low (if y'know what i mean). It was probably a pre-cursor to a possible Nike collaboration then, but i doubt the butter-soft leather quality made for mass-release can be matched by Oregon.

My black pair of Down Low is worn, but leather is still prestine. Soft leather, plush cushioning, leather insole...and from the 2nd pic, yes(!) monogrammed detail on the inside of the uppers. I believe 2 series of the Down Lows were released, featuring different colorways an slighly different quality(the 1st being better, according to some).

Supreme also released the Mid Towns, a mid-cut version of the Nike Dunk, much earlier than Nike's own release of the much-ignored Dunk mids. Here's my DS pair:

Both versions of the Supreme sneakers feature the brand imprint on the outsole and sole as well as a surprise for the eagle-eyed: Supreme changed the "star" protrusions on the forefoot outsole into, get this, dollar-signs!

As for tees, well, they don't need much introduction do they? I personally don't have much of them, but in keeping with the "theme":



Deez said...

Dude, I just got back from Singapore this afternoon. Spent the weekend there... Totally forgot to email you...sorry. Queued up for the tiffany dunks as well..hehe.

xymon said...

no probs mate, another time then. have fun shopping here! =)

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paul said...

dude do you know if this tee here is a real supreme tee..ive never seen it befreo today but its like in demand!

the ebay link is:


xymon said...

hi Paul
the tee is fake. the image only exists as a sticker. seller sells fake stuff, including that bape (for Hong Kong) tee (that fake shit is vintage! hahaha)

next time, drop me a mail regarding the real/fake identification. makes it easier for me to reply! cheers =)