Sunday, August 14, 2005

Jackets...for mobiles
I've always had the notion that Japan is a part of heaven that is ultra-cool, much like your mall has that special corner for electronic gadgets/luxury fashion/food/home & living etc that has stuff you absolutely would love to possess. The Japs must also be a bunch of people who love to do anything together, how else to explain the avalance of collaborations out there in shopping-land? As if i needed any more convincing, DoCoMo's niche off-shoot DatMo has more cool stuff...for jazzing up your mobile phones.


Acquired ~ SBTG

^^Those 2 tees are out at Acquired Clothing

Nike Dunk SB Shanghai 2 "xiao-long-bao"
First the pics

Don't you just love the nicknames we give to shoes? Following the good reception to the first rendition of the Shanghai SB, comes the next Nike offering for the Chinese market.
I'll just do a rough translation for our english speaking folks. The article previews the upcoming Shanghai exclusive Dunk SB footwear, and explains the idea behind the design. Seems to me someone in Nike loves the food in Shanghai, and what better way to remind ourselves of a fave ciy than its food. The "xiao-long-bao" (literal translation being "little dumplings in a basket") is a world famous delicacy and a staple in Chinese Dim Sum menus. Its a steamed soup dumpling, a bite-sized delight made of a thin layer of dough steamed in a traditional woven bamboo steamer. One bite of the dumpling oozes dripping hot soup and delicious dumpling fillings. Ok, enough of food(making me hungry), back to the shoe...
Henceforth, the shoe captures everything about the dumpling, from the steamer to the dumpling itself. The tongue tag shows an image of a tea-cup, suggesting the Chinese tradition of having afternoon tea; the side panels of the shoe mimick the woven texture of the bamboo steamer; and the overall color is similar to the dumpling itself.
Lip smacking good
Article from HK Size mag, via FreeProblem HK

4776 out of 5715
I'm in a foodie mood...check out this dude's record aim of visiting every Starbucks in the world. Read the article Visiting every Starbucks and peep his website Starbucks everywhere

And people say i'm crazy to collect shoes and tees... pfft
chat laters, i gotta get a cuppa kawfee ;)

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