Wednesday, December 31, 2008

blind luck

It ain't the 1st day of x'mas, but it sure ain't over yet for prezzie time.

Nike Tennis Classc x Fragment

Santa Claus came through in his own wierd way
I wouldn't think it possible, so i'll just call it blind luck. Who knew these run big (coz of its low profile i guess) and i'd get lucky for EMS-shipped below retail (shhh...)? =)
My fave of the lot is definitely the grey, the most ubiquitous, basic of color palette, and so much like those id base models. I hadn't notice before, but i also really like the iconography on the shoe box design of the new NSW range. Not as cheeky and fun as the puma vintage archive ones, but its a good start!

Nike for FCRB

A nice pickup from an ebay/net legend from times past. Sort of a pullover shirt with cutout pits for sport breathability, i like it for its uniqueness and layering possibilities. Yet another shot in the dark with the sizing, but turns out i got lucky again, haha. I think it'll pair great with chinos or shorts.

Stussy "posse"|LVC|NikeWoven|untold keychain

Supreme A/W08
Always a joy for Terry fans

A couple of shots of Jap design influencers...

My fave Rinko and Hiromix in the shoot, yay

...and a couple of captures, A-ron style

and the real reason we buy the e-mook

hmm, so thats why the waistbag sold out...
only gonna tease u with 3 shots, get the book yerself! LOL

Bape x Tempur

Sure its only the pillow cover, but they've done it with Tempur-pedic! I know i want one!
I guess when Nigo wants to hit the sack, he's hella selective! hahaha

Years go by, but hype-sites never change with incomplete scraps presented as exclusive info
So here's the low-down on the upcoming NB Q1-09 releases, beginning with the revamp of the 900-series
New Balance 996 "candy pop"

You can call it the "Candy Pack", "Chocolate Pack" whatever. Basic inspiration? Why, those multi-colored chocolate-covered candies, and silver-foil wrapped wholesome goodness of course! LOL

Some teaser shots of lace-vamp buttons and tongue tags to whet your appetite

New Balance 996 "pantone"

Inspired by the world renowned authority on color and provider of color systems are these 2 lovely pairs. I'm absolutely enamored by the red pair, the gradient and color-scheme is perfect. Look for similar tongue tag enhancemets to resemble the Pantone swatchbooks

New Balance MTG580

Following the same design influence for the H574J Undefeated outdoor boots, the trend continues to the staple of NB Jpn lifestyle, the MT580. Inspired by the bright-colored winter outdoor jackets, the shoe features Goretex waterproof ripstop outer (hence the "G" in the model number), bungee lace cords and lace-lock as well as Ortholite insoles. As i mntioned before, the purple and blue colorway is a must-cop. Pity the folks couldn't time it earlier for A/W08, but oh well, you could always save it for the 09 winter!

The hotness that is Natalie Martinez

So as 2008 draws to a close, as almost a quarter mil folks cram up the bay for the crowded countdown and view the masterful display of expensive fireworks to herald the new year, yours truly remains home-bound with the contented company of my loved ones, and dutifully taps out the last few words of this post. As we bid adieu to a tumultous '08 that began with such a rush, allow me the honor of wishing you the warmest of hope, best of well-being to you and your loved ones, and the most spectacular recovery year ahead in '09!

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